10 things to overcome loneliness

10 things to overcome loneliness

Renee Johnson ask for a list of 10 things to overcome loneliness, she is compiling a list of things, this is my list.

1. Spend intimate time with God in prayer and study of the word. This is the most important and fulfilling thing we can do, this should always be the priority of our life, seeking the face of God. Only God can ultimately fulfill us, meet our true needs.

These things below cannot nor are meant to cure loneliness but to rather help us combat it, help us to to keep going forward in life and to better ourselves rather than allow our loneliness to destroy us, reek havoc in our lives, keep us from life.

2. Spend time with your friends. Make an effort to be social and make new friends and hang out with them.

3. Never eat a lone. Arrange to have dinner everyday with someone, a friend, someone from work, school, or church. You could even join a dinner group. Use the time to meet new people, set a goal to have dinner with everyone at your church, the staff and get to know them. (new friends can come out of this.)

4. Join a health club, and actually go. This will also get and keep you in shape, you will feel good about yourself. Exercising also combats depression, it is a major mood enhancer. An instructor-led class is a great loneliness buster for when you really want to be with people but don’t have the emotional energy to talk. Find a club here.

5. Volunteer: Serve others at Habitat for Humanity, a food bank, meals on wheels, a homeless shelter, Big Brothers, do Tutoring, be a Child Advocate. Find a place here. Join a cause you are passionate about, social of political Find a group here. Check with you church and where you can serve others in he body.

6. Take up a sport. Join a softball league or a biking club, ski club, learn karate, and make friends with the other team mates. (this will also keep you in shape, and build self esteem).

7. Take up a hobby or find a new one. Join a theater group, chess club, take up pool, join a cooking group, wine club, a book club, poetry club, or a writers club. Find a hobby here.

8. Take a class of two. Learn new sills, a new language, cooking classes, dance. Even go back to get a second degree.

9. Join a bible study group or prayer group. Even start one in you own home.

10. Never engage in bad or destructive alternatives: Never turn to food, alcohol, drugs or sex to fill the loneliness, nor allow yourself to set in a empty room and sulk, these things will only make things worse and add more serious issues to your life.

Has anyone really figured out the answer to this dilemma? I know I do not have the solution to this dilemma but I do know this, what most people think will end it, seldom if ever does end it, too many purse the wrong thing(s), destructive and harmful things. This is why we must start with God, and our relationship with Him. Seek to be honest with God about our loneliness, and thank Him for revelation of it! And celebrate the need it creates in us that draws us to Him, to His presents! We need to see that there is no way to avoid a relationship with God and find bliss in this life. I think that is a good place to start.

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  • Renee Johnson
    Posted at 11:08h, 21 December

    I would have to say on the “never eat alone” that I actually find I need to eat alone to get some alone time with God and just be okay on my own for once. Part of the reason why I feel so lonely is I can’t say no to people and hanging out that my time with God becomes “fast food” that I find I need to eat a few meals by myself….but then I also need to be in fellowship too so I understand your concept 🙂 Thanks again for doing this, very encouraging!


  • Just a girl
    Posted at 15:14h, 21 December

    The blog is so profound, I have nothing to add. Bravo

  • Paul
    Posted at 14:38h, 24 December

    Are you sure you didn’t miss your calling!! Very Good!

  • Blah
    Posted at 13:41h, 29 December

    good insight

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  • Solero Ice Ice
    Posted at 06:18h, 19 November

    Sometimes at somewhere in the world there’s always somebody who seems to have and own the very best thing that they could have in the world and yet they are still feeling lonely. I guess the hundreds and thousands friends that you added and saved to your Facebook mean nothing if you are still don’t know who to call when you needed someone to listen to you. I used to think that I have a lot of friends and when the bad times hit, I finally know that I am actually have nobody to be there for me. First step is always difficult but I did it anyway. I hope other lonely people out there will do the same too.