365 Days and Acts of Love.

365 Days and Acts of Love.

1-3-10After reading of a fellow pastor and his project for the year, I was inspired to join Jaeson Ma in his venture for the year. Although Jaeson has a 32 day head start on me, I have committed to the next year to not only do the same as he. But this has also inspired me to do similar acts that came to mind that I am also starting, more on that this week.

I, like Jaeson will attempt to do at lest one random act of kindness to someone each day of the year. That is, 365 acts of love for 365 days of the next year.

To be the good Samaritan, to live a life of acts of love for others as Jesus did.

It can be anything from helping someone out in need, to listening to someone’s problems, to giving encouragement, or to do some crazy act of love for a stranger. I don’t know, I will have to trust that each day will bring before me an opportunity to love. So I will try to blog about one of the acts each day.

To sum it up: I will do 365 acts of love for 365 days of the next YEAR

The purpose ~ To not just talk about the love of Christ, but be about love

The goal ~ To live a life of love that will hopefully inspire others to love the same.

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