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365 Days of Love: Day 54 ~ Prayed For a Man Who Son was Murdered

365 Days of Love: Day 54 ~ Prayed For a Man Who Son was Murdered

092910Got to meet with and pray with Nelson Hopkins Sr. who’s son and nephew were both killed recently. Got lay hands on him and prayer for him. He is a remarkable man of God, he is already part of a ministry that I have been connected with and now he has stated another ministry.

In the mist of his grief and pain he has started an organization called Operation Promise Land, which aims to work in troubled neighborhoods to take back the streets from violent criminals. His aim is to prevent other parents to half to go trough what he has had to, the loss of a child too early, his son was just 17 year old high school junior who had a promising future.

Out of ashes new life has come, the lives that may be saved by his new ministry to take back the inner city neighborhood from the senseless violence that plagues it. Nelson has been in the news a lot with what he is doing, he has stood as a testament to Jesus, God’s grace and mercy in his open sharing of the gospel and God’s love in the mist of his live tragedy.

I can not relate to the level of pain he must be going trough with the lost of his first born child, the anger of such a senseless death of a young life gunned down while walking home from the library. But spending time with him, talking with him and laying hands on him a praying for him, to be able to pore out love upon him, the love of the father for him, to help him bear the burden he is carrying was a blessing for me to get to do.

You can read his story here.

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