365 Days of Love: Day 7 ~ Prayed for a Future Worship Leader

365 Days of Love: Day 7 ~ Prayed for a Future Worship Leader

2-10-10Went to International House of Prayer (IHOP) here in KC for the on going Awaking as they are calling it. It is a outpouring of the Holy Spirit fast at work on the students at IHOPU, the school of worship.

I went to both get prayer and to pray for others and worship before the Lord. One of the students I prayed for wanted more of the fire of God, more passion for Him. To return to his first passion he had to do the work of the Lord. To be a worshiper of God.

I was able to pray and speak words of encouragement to him, the Holy Spirit really touched him, he fell on his face before God and soaked in Gods Spirit. He was renewed, set on fire for the Lord in a renewed passion.

I showed love by taking the time to lay hands on him and pray with him tell he had enough. Too many times people say, “I will pray for you” when we express a need, but do not, soon forget. One of the greatest acts of love is to take the time right there and then to lay hands on some and pray, pray tell the Lord moves, tell the Spirit touches them. Tell the Spirit tells you He is through working. That’s love in action, Christ love.

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