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365 Days of Mission: Day 21 ~ Encounter with, and Word from God

365 Days of Mission: Day 21 ~ Encounter with, and Word from God

0130185237Had one of my most incredible encounters with God last night at the IHOP Awaking. The worship lead by Misty Edwards was incredible as it always is, that girl brings even to earth with her spontaneous worship. The Holy Spirit was moving big time last night, I was brought into the throne room last night. The Spirit was all over me. The most amazing part was three people came up to me over the course of 3 hours and laid hands on me and each gave me a word from the Lord.

One was so obvious it was the Lord because the guy read my mail, what he said was so right on as to personal a thing going on in me. No way he could have randomly said what he did about me.

On word was on the scale of life changing, today as I have been processing all of it. I put it on the same level as the word of God to Abraham by God’s messages, when told Sarah would bear him a son.

It shook me to my core, I could only weep and rejoice at the same time, and called out to the Lord for it to be true. Oh how I want it to be true. Like that of Abraham’s it was a message of great hope and promise for me, but from my view even more imposable than Abraham’s promise.

The third one piggy backed on the big one, while someone was praying for me God gave him vision of me. When he said what it was nether of us quite understood one part of. But while in bed last night, it came to me, and I understood what it was about, at least I think I do.

And I am steeping out in faith that both (they are intertwined together) where from God and He can and will make it come to pass.

What an amazing night with the Lord, awesome worship at His feet, filled with dancing, singing, weeping, shouts of joy. And thee life changing words, prophecies from the Lord.

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