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365 Days of Mission: Day 67 ~ Gave to New Ministry Stop the Secret Moldova

365 Days of Mission: Day 67 ~ Gave to New Ministry Stop the Secret Moldova

41510Help Victims of Sex Trafficking: What you can do right now! I gave to a new ministry today and am asking others to give to this we worthy ministry. In seeking to fulfill the mission of Jesus to set free the captive, free the oppressed.

HopeChest launches ministry to victims of sex trafficking in Moldova, they have identified several critical projects that need our help right now. Being that ending Human Trafficking is one of my passions, which is why I have my website to call people to take action. HopeChest one of my favorite charities, it works with orphan around the globe and has a new ministry amid at human trafficking called Stop the Secret Moldova.

Currently, they have raised $1000 for these projects and still have quite a ways to go, $24,000 left  so by donating to the Stop the Secret Moldova fund, know you are donating to prevention and restoration organizations in Moldova that desperately need it. Read more here.

There are 4 young women in two different safe houses in Moldova need our help right now. $400/month provides care to one rescued girl for one month. The majority of women and girls that are trafficked come from rural areas. Over 10 percent are under 18 years old, some as young as 12 years old. Traffickers recruit women and girls through different strategies

Any amount, $1, $5, $50…will help provide much needed care for these girls.

Make a gift toward our Stop the Secret Moldova Launch Fund here.

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