365 Days of Mission: Day 22 ~ Had Church at the Gym

365 Days of Mission: Day 22 ~ Had Church at the Gym

2-27-10In my 365 Days of Mission today I had Church while at the gym, while working out a fellow believer and his wife showed up to work out. And I engaged them in the word, sharing and talking about the Lord. Talking about the amazing things he is doing in my life. And they shared what He was doing in their life. And we gave praise to God for what He was doing. We talked about current events going on in the world and how it was fulfilling biblical prophecy. I proclaimed the promises of God about the end times and the coming of Jesus in light of resent world events. The coming King of Kings and His rule over the new earth. We gave praise to God and lifted up Jesus and His coming. And all this done in ear shot of a host of others working out at the gym.

We had church, yes church at the gym, church can and is to happen everywhere and any time two or three gather together in Jesus’ name (Matt 18:20). Because Jesus is there, but we must chouse to engage Him, invite Him in our conversation, chouse to left Him up before others. We could have had the normal how you doing, how’s work, talked about TV shows or politics. But instead I chouse to have church, to talk about the Lord and proclaimed Him and what he was doing.

I would encourage everyone to do the same thing, where ever you are, and you encounter another believer, to have church. Have church every time, every where you are. Having church should be a daily activity. I think my gyms name is very appropriate, 24 Hour Fitness, because Church 24 Hour is the true hours of church.

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