4 Spiritual Characteristics I’m looking for in a Wife

4 Spiritual Characteristics I’m looking for in a Wife

In a conversation with a friend who is about to get married led to me listing the four things I must see and experience in a girl in order to be wife material for me. These are nonnegotiable traits a girl must have.

1. She must be a passionate worshiper God. She must worship with great passion, with all her heart, words and body. She is the one you will hear signing her own love songs to God. She worships with raised hands, shouting out praises to God with a loud voice, and by dancing before the Lord. She worships prostrate before the Lord, and with jumping with joy. When she worships she sets her heart on entering the throne room, to see God’s face and will not relent tell She enters the throne room and sees God’s face and tells Him she loves Him. She worships to tell God her love for Him from her heart, in her own words she sings praises to God. Being entertained by a performance band on Sunday is not worship to her, Her hunger for a deep face-to-face encounter with Jesus drive her for real worship. Only thirty Minuets of worship is unacceptable to her, She is unsatisfied with anything less than a encounter with God, and when He shows up she does not want to leave His presents. Worshiping only on Sunday is unsatisfactory to her, she must, needs to worship God everyday at home, in the car anywhere and everywhere she is. She loves and hangs out in 24/7 prayer and worship places like International House of Prayer (http://www.ihop.org/ ).

2. She will be a woman of the Word of God. You only have to pick up her bible to know this, it is well used. When you open it you will find every page filled with highlighting, underling and hand written notes. It will be stuffed full of note paper with bible notes on them, the pages will be well worn from use. She is a person who really does read and study the bible daily, she knows the word of God from cover to cover because she has actual read and studied every word of the bible.

3. She is a passionate prayer warrior. She is a woman given to much prayer, she truly prays without ceasing. Her prayer mat in not in a glass case that says “Brake only in case of emergency”. She prayers with great passion, in the power of the Holy Spirit, with great love for God and others. She prays in the Spirit, that is she is under the control, leading and in the power of the Spirit, prays for the perfect will of God. She prays day and night not just in crisis situations. She is one who stand in the gap between the people, nation, world and God’s wrath. She is a Daniel and a watchmen when it come to prayer. Her heart brakes and her knee bends over things that brakes God’s heart, like starving children, children dieing of ADIS and malaria. She laments, weeps and is heart broken over the lost, over orphans and the homeless, she intercedes for the lost, to see them saved, to see the gospel preached.

4. She has a resume similar to mine in service to the Lord. My resume consists of a life time of service to God, and as the Apostle Paul says “I will show you my faith by my works” so her life must also show her faith with a life time of service to God, in ministry. Her life story should be similar to mine.

  • Dean Smith
    Posted at 15:29h, 19 April

    Great post, so many guys today the only thing they look at is a girls looks and/or body, they do not look much past that. Nice to see a guy who knows what really is important in picking a wife.

  • Salwa
    Posted at 19:39h, 25 April

    Nice post. Looks fade away in time but the pure beauty within remains forever! as they say “the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart!”

  • Kathy
    Posted at 19:56h, 25 April

    Great post, I think to many Christians only require that a persons says they are Christian and maybe attends church once and a while is good enough. Glad to see someone who looks for the fruit in ones life. A life lived for Christ.

  • Paul R
    Posted at 02:05h, 24 September

    Hey man! Awesome desire you have for Christ and for your future wife! Keep the flame burning! I just used your top things that you look for in a wife and used it to pray for my future wife! Amen. Glad to see others who are passionate about serving and loving Jesus! May God grant you the desire of your heart. Just remember, though she loves the Lord much, there will be times of weakness, imperfection, that he’s still working out in us all. If you’re expectations are too high, you might miss the one God’s been putting in front of you all along and you’ll grow in Christ together. Learning from each other.