5 characteristics of a good leader

5 characteristics of a good leader

Characteristic of great leaders is imperative, it is the blueprint of how your function, the place from where you lead.


1. Know themselves: As leaders knowing what we’re good at and what we’re challenged by is equally important. It’s sometimes startling how often leaders lack a full sense of self awareness—which often becomes a major detailer in their careers. Take time to look deep into the mirror for your strengths and challenges.

2. Know others: Understanding how others think and what their strengths and challenges are is likewise critical. I have always made it a point to know my competitors, a habit I picked up in the restaurant business, I was always keenly aware of what my competition was doing. As well as I had to know the capabilities of every employee, as to how to make up the work schedule as to how many people I needed in each position and where to place them according to the business demand. The lessons I learned there apply to all business.

3. Know stuff: Seams simple enough, but leaders have to know the substance of their business. But I am so often surprised at how many times in the restaurant business at how many managers I meet who know nothing about food. Could not cook anything on their menu, but yet they are to lead and manage a food business. If you can not do it how can you 1. know it is being done right. 2. How can you tell some how to do it right? You can not. You can not expect people will respect or follow you if you do not know your business and especially your job.

4. Know how to learn: In a world that changes rapidly, if leaders have not learned how to keep up by programming in learning time, falling behind is easy and remaining relevant difficult at best. Be well read in your industry and position, read books, Blogs, take courses, keep up to date and what is new. Every leader expects their employees to be on the cutting edge even replace older workers with younger ones because the say they are more up to date, yet so many leaders will not put the same requirements on themselves.

5. Know how to teach: This is a leader’s primary functions is to ensure a successful future of his team. That can only be done by training and mentoring others to move into, up in the organization. The leader must take the lead, practice #4, contently learn and then teach that to your people, take responsibility for their growth. Lead them, a great leader must disciple his people, shepherd them, this is true for both business and the church.

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