A fruitful Life

A fruitful Life

When reading Mat chap 21 verse 19 really grab my heart yesterday. in it we see how passionate the Lord is for us to be fruitful, as well as in verse like John 15:16 and even in Mat 25:14-30 in the story of the parable of the 10 Talents we see this again where the Lord expects a return on His investment in us.

This made me consider myself with a deep and painful analyzing examination of my life, or more precise a look at the fruit of it. And what I saw I did not like, I noted the scarcity of fruit in my life the last year, I mean the kind Jesus is speaking of, expecting from our lives. And I cannot help but be sadden at the lack there of. Especially when I am filled with passion to produce much fruit, an all-consuming passion to build God’s Church and Kingdom on the earth, I do want to live completely for the Lord and bare His fruit.

Someone I read about a couple of months back had a bio of his life that read like this. He had planted 26 church in several countries, and has been pastoring a church for the last few years that has grown to more than 4,000 members now. Started a School of Church Planting. And founder and President of a network for new church plants. And as well he’s married with two children. Now that is a fruitfully life, the life Bio I wish was mine up to present.

I want Jesus fruit in my life, in abundance this next year, next 10 years, I want a bio like the one above in 10 years. I want Jesus pleasing, Kingdom advancing fruit, well done good and faithful servant at the end of my life fruit. Fruit that has eternal value, everlasting fruit. Jesus entrusted the keys to the Kingdom of heaven, the gospel, His word to us and one day He will ask what did you do with them, just like in the parable of the 10 Talents.

I do not want to be fruitless / barren or only have a scarcity of fruit when Jesus comes and checks for fruit. I want Him to need a pickup truck to carry away all the fruit when He wants a fig from this tree, me.

You can read my bible study notes on this verse here.

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