A Man who is Truly Blessed of God

A Man who is Truly Blessed of God

The most blessed man of God I know is my friend Lloyd, he is currently on his way to India to help rebuild a hospital, he just got back not to long ago from spending several weeks in Africa. I meet Lloyd in 2001 here in Kansas City, we joined a church planting movement on the same day and served on staff together for two years planting a church before he when back to Canada.

Lloyd is the father of four, two boys and two girls, lives in Canada (most of the time), so why do I conceder him so blessed of God, his life. Lloyd chose long a go to live for and serve God at what ever the cost. Lloyd has been all over the world doing God’s work, North and South America, Europe, Africa and India, India alone 3 times in the last three years.

Lloyd has his own business, so that he can work when he wants, and take off when ever he needs to go where ever and when every the Lord leads him to, he spends 4 to 5 months a year doing ministry. He has planted churches, pastored churches, preached the gospel across the globe, fed the hungry, built homes, church and hospitals. He can even lead worship, plays the guitar and sings.

Lloyd could work 50 weeks a year like everyone else and make really big money, but instead he doesn’t. He owns a modest home just barely big enough for a family of six, drives older cars, he could have a bigger more expensive house and drive new cars. But he rather live like he does so he can go into the world with the gospel.

His kids never had all the frills most kids enjoy today, all the expensive gadgets and toys, or designer clothes. But what they did have is a life that a lot of people only dream of, they had a father who showed them how to love, worship, live for and serve God with all your heart and take the gospel into the world. While other kids where playing Xbos 360 and Wii his where seeing the world, feeding the hungry in a third world county, learning how to plant a church, how to do evangelism. His kids where writing worship songs and singing worship, and even leading bible studies before they where old enough to drive. That is brining up a child in the way it should go. His daughter Melissa is now in college and the most in demand worship leader in Canada, now recording her second CD and she just turned 21. But she has had 21 years of first hand experience of serving the Lord around the world.

A life time of serving God by taking the gospel to the whole world, planting and pastoring churches. A beautiful and godly wife,two beautiful daughters and two sons all following and serving God, what more could a man ask for in life.

He is the most blessed man I know, has the life I would love to have.

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