A New Me: My Resolution for 2009

A New Me: My Resolution for 2009

For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21). My main resolution for 2009 is to die. Die to self. To become a total new person, a person in the image of Christ. I need to learn how to be a more faithful cross-bearer, not a better person. If I don’t let go of my life this year and let the Spirit do his work, I’m going to crash and burn hard. I’m sure of it, that is why my part is not to strive and make it happen, but to get out of His way and let Him do what He needs to do, make me who He wants me to be, and do with me what He wants me to do..

In 2009 Dennis Muse will die, come to an end, whom I once was I wish to be no more, the life I have lead must come to an end, a new everything is the only acceptable outcome of 2009 (read my blog on Jan 1). I will ether become and finish the year as a completely new person, someone in the image of Christ, with a total new life, a life in Christ for His purposes. A new career, married, new church and in a new place, or I will physical die and become a new person in Christ. Those are the only two acceptable and really only two options for me. There are no other acceptable out comes for 2009 for me. Ether as Paul sad, For to me to live is Christ (live for Christ), and to die is gain (have more Christ), I will not accept being who I have been or the life I now live. I will not settle for lukewarm, or cold, will not be a Sunday Christian, or status quo, but rather an overcomer, a new creations in Christ, I will not live in the world or the wilderness. All things must be new.

God did not hand fashion us breathing His life giving breath into our nostrils for us to life a dead life.

I’m tired of life as a ‘dead end’ street. I want my life to have purpose and meaning…I want my life to be fashioned and carried out in His likeness. Image is great… but it’s His likeness that defines who we are. We were created to bring Him glory and honor. So that our lives would show forth His likeness… let’s show the world who he really is! Let’s show them by the life we live. Let’s show them through His likeness.

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