A Thousand Days are as One

A Thousand Days are as One

0226185619Was at IHOP.org awakening for a few hours, I really came to understand the verse that says to God a thousand days are as one with Him. I was engaged in worship that took me into the throne room, I was overwhelmed with the presence of God for what seemed like hours. But at one point I opened my eyes and it had just been for just over an hour that the worship begin. In God present time does stand still, and the more I am in it, the more I want it. What was a few hours in worship and prayer seamed like a day, and I left wanting more. To go deeper and longer.

So thankful that both I have a place of 24/7 worship that allows me to gather with passionate loves of Jesus for worship and prayer any time I want. But also for the movement of His Spirit and the work is is doing right now. Awakening the students there, calling them to a greater encounter with Him and the power of the Holy Spirit. Making them radical lovers and worshipers of God.

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