Acts 29 Boot Camp: Matt Chandlers Session

Acts 29 Boot Camp: Matt Chandlers Session

My notes from the Acts 29 Boot Camp “The Call” from Matt Chandlers teaching. Matt hit is out of the park, was a much needed message on the necessity and biblical call to teach the Word of God, proclaim the Word of God. He was really addressing Andy Stanley resent interview where he said the word of God should not to thought, proclaim from the pupit. I addressed Andy myself on my Blog here .

Matt Chandler – The Call to Preach

John 1:1-18: Some people are attacking the preaching of the word of God. That’s because there are some yahoo’s saying that preaching doesn’t work. But it is really all about selling books, drawing big crowds!

Exodus 3: If God is who He says He is, and He hears His people, and He is going to move to action. Then Moses had to ask the question, ”Why are you talking to me then?” Moses had to ask why would God chose him to do the things that He could simply do himself?

When God wants of move and flex He finds a herald and tells him ‘trust me, go and say what I want you to say, I’ll do the rest’

Jeremiah 1:4-10: God wants to speak His truth and spread the truth, but it comes through people. God chooses to use us as His heralds!
God does.

God’s method has not changed from the Old to the New Testament. He still uses man to herald truth.

You can improve on the gospel or the word of God. never make it cool enough for everyone.

Over and over in Acts it says “they preached the Gospel”

Matthew 28:18-20: Read prior to this, As He is ascending into Heaven there are still guys standing there saying they are not sure if He is really God. But, His departing words were to go and herald the truth! He sends them out to preach and teach. It is our calling!

This truly began to happen in the power of the Holy Spirit when Peter stood at Pentecost and proclaimed the Gospel and the Holy Spirit fell on the people.

It can be contextualization, but you will never make the Gospel cool and good to All people! Realize that you will waste time of that is your main Goal. That was not Peter’s objective when he spoke at Pentecost!

All through acts Paul preached the gospel without compromise and it moved and made a difference! The Gospel made a massive change in the city of Ephesus!

The Gospel, when proclaimed, will make waves and make an impact. There is a need for man to proclaim the Gospel. There is a need for pastors to preach the Word!

All through acts Paul preached the gospel without compromise and it moved and made a difference! The Gospel made a massive change in the city of Ephesus!

The Gospel, when proclaimed, will make waves and make an impact. There is a need for man to proclaim the Gospel. There is a need for pastors to preach the Word!

2 Timothy 3:10-16: We have to wake up and quit being surprised by the “silliness” of the state of the church in America. There will be sermons without the Bible, there will be falsehoods taught as fact, there will be arrogant and selfish people leading. There has never been a glory day! We must stay in touch with the Gospel. The truth in the Scriptures is what will make us fall in love with Christ and subject us to the persecution of the world! The people who stand against us may not try to kill us, but they will try to discredit us!

Moses got to lead griping championing people! Isaiah got to lead people who would hear. Jeremiah was sent to warn the people who wouldn’t heed the warning. But, God has called them to lead and speak…..So, they did. God used those men to impact the world. They just had to lead people. Things have not changed!

Preaching is not a game and it is not cute! You must work hard to keep from selling out! Do not compromise the truth of the Word and the Gospel! Do not sell out!!!!!!!

Timothy 3:16: We cannot leave out any of the Gospel. It is all profitable!

We must use the Bible! We must not be apologetic for this! We have to use the text. That is why God have it to us! Quit talking and preaching about nothing. use the word!

If you are not willing to call sin sin and point it out in the life of your people, you are a coward. You do not belong in the pulpit! Go do something else!

The scripture is used for the reproof, rebuking and correction of lives. We have to use this powerful tool for exactly what God intended it to be. That is the purpose of God’s Word. It is all God Breathed!

We have an obligation to take our people in to God’s Word and show them the truth that is found in it! We must make sure our people know the fullness of God’s Word. They need to know what is in there and how to live by it.

We have to use the Word for training in Righteousness. This is a huge must! We need to be striving for sanctification and holiness. The Word of God is used for training in righteousness. Where sin abounds, the Word is not being taught well!

We must be ready in season and out of season to preach the word! That mean we must be ready in and out of season to reproof, rebuke, train, etc!

Do this with patience. Do not hate your people, shepherd them even when it’s rough. 2 Timothy 4:2 That is one of the core center of our calling.

Many guys do not realize that this opens us up to a higher level of judgment!

Recognize that when the times comes when people turn away from sound teaching that you must remain sober-minded and just. Sick to the truth and do not compromise! Make sure you guard your heart and guard your mind. Otherwise you will be operating out of your gifts and not the power of the Holy Spirit. 2 Timothy 4

As a pastor/preacher you have to check your ego at the door. Be prepared for people to be bothered and for them to leave. Be there only to fulfill your ministry and your calling!

Be who God created you to be. Be the pastor He gifted you to be. Fulfill your ministry. Do not emulate another guy’s ministry. Don’t try to be like the other guys. Don’t try to be the next Billy Graham!

Simply this, if you’re called to be a pastor then Preach the Word!

We are here because someone entrusted truth to us and taught us the Word. This came through preaching and will continue through preaching. Preaching is a calling and a gift. It is a must in the proclamation and continuation of the Gospel!

Then Matt made a strong statement, said if you are not proclaiming the Word of God, get out of the pulpit. If you are not going to teach the Word of, then go home and withdraw your application from here! I liked his bold call to preach the Word of God, not heard enough today.

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