Acts 29 Church Planters Boot Camp: PJ Smyth Session

Acts 29 Church Planters Boot Camp: PJ Smyth Session







PJ Smyth Session at the Acts 29 Church Planters Boot Camp, “The Call”. His session was on the Gospel. It was very good.

Main Aspects of Proclaiming the Gospel

1. The Definition of the Gospel Romans 1:1-2

2. The Result of the Gospel 1 Peter 2:9-12

3. The Defenders of the Gospel

4. The Enemies of the Gospel

The Gospel is Jesus

The question is not “what is the Gospel” but “who is the Gospel”! The Gospel is Jesus! The Gospel is the story of the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

Gospel of mercy results in a community. It’s what the Gospel does. It’s what God has always wanted.

The Gospel is proclamational and demonstrable. It is about saying and doing.

Gospel is also the gospel of the Kingdom – it is over everything under the sun, thinking, doing, being.

Ephesians 3:7-12 The gospel has so many folds to it that you need the full body of Jesus to proclaim the fullness of it!

The Result of the Gospel

The Gospel of mercy creates a new community of people on the earth every time it is preached! God has always wanted people. Through the proclamation of the Gospel the local church is formed and exists.

The Gospel has to be multiplied and be spread. It is too big to stay put. God is too big for one place. His mercy and Gospel will be multiplied!

Upon His sacrifice the veil was torn allowing ALL people from All nations to come to Him. The Gospel is for all people.

Changed lives are the real result of the Gospel. He has purchased all people through His sacrifice. He has opened the road to redemption for all people.

The Gospel changes us! We have no choice but to change after coming face to face with the truth.

The Enemies of the Gospel

We must defend the Gospel. There will be enemies and falsehoods to be deterred in order to defend the Gospel.

Anything that gets more focus time and worship than Jesus is idolatry! Recognize this a flee from it. Our problem with idolatry is perception! We don’t perceive the lies because we are a selfish and ignorant people.

We need to expose the idols we worship! We have to call them the junk they are!

We can’t expose idols without exposing Jesus, that He may expose us.

Idol testing: Ask yourself “What do you want most?” What captures your mind when it wanders… job, a spouse, status?

Let Jesus be lifted up and everything else will be exposed for the junk it really is. compared to Jesus, everything else is bunk.

Identity in the Gospel

The Gospel keeps our identity from being grounded in the works of our hands, and keeps our identity grounded in the grace of Jesus!

Identity first, then death of sin. If identity gets messed up along the way then fix it FIRST

Jesus says you’re mine, you’re righteous forever whether or not you do good stuff. This is our new ID

Religion says you suck, so change and you won’t suck.

The Gospel says you don’t suck and you’re not condemned, so go and sin no more! He is working in us to do as we should!

We have a new identity in Christ. That should be our center focus of worship, the transformation on Christ in us.

Identity in Christ will lead to a church full of good works!

The law leads me to Jesus – by abiding in Him I will be provoked to righteousness (John 15)

Religion will provoke you to sin. If you want a church full of sin, load it up with rules! Romans 7:8

You cannot just be a man of prayer and bible study to lead a church. You have to love Jesus, really love Jesus above all else.

Defenders of the Gospel

1. Planting Churches

2. Preaching the Gospel

3. Honoring the Sovereignty of God

4. Diligent Discipleship that results in changed lives

5. Tearing Down Idols

6. Tearing Down Religious Legalism

You must get convinced of the Gospel, own it, take it as It’s My Gospel

Grasp that you have been preserved for higher things for the sake of the gospel.

Become accountable to the Gospel Gal 2:6

Become Convinced, Unashamed, Accountable, and a Slave to the Gospel. That is your calling

Become Completely Unashamed of the Gospel! Acts 17:26-27, Mt 5:14-16, Hab 2:14, Mt 4:17, Acts 2:38

Become a Slave to the Gospel Romans 1:1

Do not be ashamed of the Gospel. Do not be ashamed to call people to repentance. Do not be ashamed of your calling, who you are.

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