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Adversity Truly Does Reveal Character

Adversity Truly Does Reveal Character

rescueWe have all heard the saying about firemen, especial on 9/11, “that they rush into buildings everyone else is rushing out of”. The type of people that are firemen, hero’s are the ones that go when other will not, rush into action on a moments notice. Run head on into danger to save others, to meet an enemy head on, a situation of need, crisis will always prove character, separate the men from the boys as it says. It also can prove motive, revile the devote when it come to service to God.

One thing that caught my attend with the Haiti crisis was the multitude of Americans who where there when the earthquake hit that where trying to get out. But what I was surprised about was the number of people who where there on “mission” trips who where trying to high tail it out of there. Whole church groups who said they where their on a mission to relive the suffering of the Haiti people. So at the same time literally hundreds of thousands of Christians are trying get in to help, others who where already there. Claim they where there to help, where tying to flee the very opportunity to do what the rest of us pray for the opportunity to do, Make a difference in the hour of life and death need. To make a difference for God, to save lives, to help the helpless.

As the saying goes “Adversity doesn’t build character – it’s reveals character”. and I think this very much did so. Just like as the army of Israel stood back from he challenge of Goliath, only one man rushed in to meet the challenge that was before all.

So many live for the opportunity to be in a place to live beyond the norm, be stretched beyond themselves, to be is such a place in history to do great things for God and others, while other run from it.

Lord may I be found ready and willing to meet every opportunity before me, may I be one who runs in not away.

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