Anti-Social Networking

Anti-Social Networking


Someone I am connected with on Facebook just announced this week they are deleting their FB account this week their reason echoed a message I heard on Sunday. One of the reasons they are deleting their account,

“I want to deepen in real friendship and community not chase dopamine bursts of false significance.”

He said when he compared his pre-social media and his post-social media life he did not like what he saw. And I agree with his challenge for us to do the same.

As the message I heard on Sunday pointed out we are becoming a shallow impersonal society, most under 30 do not do face to face interaction with others, not even verbal communication via the phone, today it only texting and emailing. Communication only in 150 characters or less. We have teenagers walking down the halls of schools with their heads down texting walking right by others not saying a word. And too many adults are doing the same thing, text me, not lets get together are the catch phrase today.

A local newspaper shows that out of 10 people 7 prefer texting over phoning. Facebook over actual face to face social activities. People are losing the ability to have real relationships with others.

On Sunday after the message I was thinking about how 10 years ago when cell phones really took off and everyone was getting one. The biggest reason I heard people saying for getting one was so they could be reached at any time, any where they where people could call them and talk with them. So they could be able to connect with others 24/7, no missed calls/connections any more. And I was thinking about the days before cell phones any one I called if they where home answered their phone, if they where not home I would leave a message and they would call me back promptly when they got home.

Today I call others 90% of the time now they do not answer, OK, you know they have their phone with them, so they are not home so to say. But yet they do not pick up (and others tell me the same thing happens to them to) So everyone got a cell phone so they can be reached at any time, but now the trend is not to answer, except when they feel like talking with another person. So I say why then do you have a cell phone then?

I even had someone I called not pick up and a few minutes later text me “I see you called, what’s up?” really, you cannot pick up and talk with me. You cannot call me back, you expect me to text you what I called you about. Needless to say I did not respond.

True friendship and community are in steady decline in America, conversation is increasingly superficial–an exchange of information via short text messages and FB post. And I want out of the decline, not have my social life restricted, limited to and contained in a smart phone their an app for that. I beleve we are just one step away from seeing cell phones that are not phones, just do texting and run apps.

I’m old school I like face to face activities with other, would rather hang out with others and have real relationship, do things with others. I like the phone, to hear the other person voice, actual have a conversation. I’m not going to delet my FB or twitter accounts, but I am gong to make changes in how I interact with others. I like the days of Cheers and Friends, it was not all that long a go when those where the number one shows on TV, because everyone wanted that kind of social life, that kind of friends to hang out with. Wanted a place like Cheer’s to hang out with others who knew your name, friends like friends with their kind of relationships.

I am looking next year to have a year of rich community, significant friendships, relished family life, face to face relations, and a more rewarding life all the way round by living in real community with others, doing real life with others. And as to those who chose not to answer their phones, and text instead, they will be delet, and I will move on the the land of the living. And do life the old fashion way.

Going to trade my apps in for a place where everyone knows my face and friends I do life with.

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