Apple iPad Tablet vs The Return of Jesus

Apple iPad Tablet vs The Return of Jesus

1-26-2010What if Christians where as excited about the coming of Jesus as the world is about the coming Apple Tablet, the church was as passionate about Jesus’ coming as Apple is about their new Tablet.

Maybe so would the rest of the world, maybe it would dominate the news like Apple is, blogs would be on fire with the news about the coming phenomenon. Steve Jobs boast the Apple tablet will change the world, the way we live, revolutionize everything we know and do. All that hype for a peace of electronic equipment that really is unnecessary for anyone to have, and it will not really transform anyone life in ways that really matter, like eternity.

I think the church and Christians need to take a good look that, consider we have all the info about the upcoming release of something that really will change everything, the entire earth will literally be made new. Man will be made new, everything, life its self will be change in the blink of an eye. And every ones eternity will be set for good of bad.

Now that is news worthy of proclaiming, telling the world about, getting excited about.  Maranatha!

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