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Arthur Blessitt: Evangelism a Way of Life

Arthur Blessitt: Evangelism a Way of Life

Arthur Blessitt is evangelist who back in the 70’s became famous world wide when in 1969 he carried a 12 foot wood cross for Jesus around the world. He walking across all seven continents including Antarctica, through 315 countries. He was second only to Bill Graham as the most well know evangelist in the world then. Thousands upon thousands of people came to Christ from his direct witnessing to them on his journeys and his everyday life back in Hollywood where he lived.

I read in one of his books years ago that when he was speaking at a bible college a student asked him what was the secret for so many salvations, leading so many people to Christ? He answered quite simply “I share Jesus Christ, the Gospel with every single living soul I encounter everyday, bar none.” He had determined very early in his life he wanted to live for Jesus, as Jesus did, and fulfill the great commission as Jesus commanded His followers to do. That resulted in a life that saw tens of thousands come to Christ.

But sadly I have to say in the last 10 years I could count on my hand the number of people I have known or even met who have lead someone to the Lord. And when ever I have brought up the subject of sharing Christ with others it brings strong opposition to doing such a thing. What I here is “I believe in friendship evangelism” Not that sharing Jesus or the Gospel with them type of evangelism, not that old school stuff.

But I would have to say that plan is not working! Has not worked over the last 10-15 years. Going back years before that when I was at Calvary and sharing Jesus and the gospel was a deliberate act, a way of life for Christians. When Christians lived like Arthur actively sharing Christ with others, straight out proclaiming the Gospel, talking about Jesus. Everyone I knew or met at church could testify of people coming to Christ on a weekly bases.

I think we need to once again become like Arthur Blessitt, or more precise, get back to living like Jesus and fulfilling the great commission, start sharing Jesus and the gospel outright as a way of life with every person we encounter every day, without exception.

We need to step out and take hold of the great commission and share the gospel. To begin each day asking the lord for both boldness and souls. Take Arthur’s advice and share Jesus with everyone we meet.

Pray the prayer of John Knox, “Give me Scotland or I die” only fill in our neighborhood, city, or “souls” period. I know that is where I want to be, to start living like Arhur, like Jesus said to, live to fulfill the great commission, to share Jesus, the gospel with everyone I encounter daily, in both deeds and words.

A simple test, ask yourself how many people have you shared Jesus, the gospel with in the last month, year? How many people have you lead to Christ in the last year, five, ten years? If the answer in none, obviously what you are doing is not working, bearing fruit.

And before you make excuses for not doing so, remember, Arthur’s life proved that if you share the gospel with everyone, every person you meet, leading people to Christ can be a daily event. If you go back before the days of “friendship evangelism” started, to the 70’s and 80’s they proved that when Christians live openly sharing Jesus, leading people to Christ can be a weekly event. I think the answer is we are to do both, befriend unbelievers with the intent of sharing Christ, but also openly proclaim the Gospel to everyone we meet daily. Something to think about.

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  • Paul
    Posted at 09:43h, 15 January

    Preach it brother!