Author: Dennis Muse


Acts 29 Western Europe Boot Camp called “For All Seasons” is taking place in Birmingham, England was today, and once again I got to precipitate via the web. Gather in the nuggets of wisdom from some top pastors – church planters. Mark Driscoll and Steve Timmis two men I highly respect.

So God continues His stream of messages on the same themes coming my way, with the third conference on church planting in a week. Still do not know what God is up to. Besides intensifying the passions in me, fanning the fire and zeal in me for preaching the gospel, church planting, feeding the hungry and going, going somewhere, anywhere over seas.

Here are the key points from today.

  • Jesus is coming back and it’s gonna be awesome! That’s basically our eschatology!” M Driscoll
  • “Without the Holy Spirit you ain’t gonna do jack, or if you do it’s gonna be evil!” Driscoll
  • “Church planting/evangelism/mission is not something we do for God. It’s something He does through us.” Driscoll
  • “You cannot be a church planter and a cessationist!” Driscoll
  • “Practice repentance, don’t just preach it.” M Driscoll
  • “Planting is about disciples not decisions. Not just people who vote for Jesus 1 day, but people who vote for Jesus every day!” (more…)


I have a grape vine in my backyard that I planted about 6 years ago, it has never produced mature grapes yet, the last three years it started to get grapes, little ones. But they just died off, never becoming mature grapes. The vine its self got massive, stretching out all over the place. But no fruit. I pruned it back a little every year, mostly just where it was over growing.

So this winter out frustration on taking up some much space by the gate and walkway, and never producing grapes. I cut it back to a mere stump, two feet high at best. I friend told me he heard that was what I needed to do, so I did. Well spring has come and every things else has spring up, leafed out and is green. Even some wild vines in the back. But my grape vine, nothing, I was afraid I killed it, it looked like a dead stump. (more…)

Appropriately timed Michael Hyatt new blog post was “Find Your Passion in Three Steps” so in light of where my life is and all that God has been throwing my way, I did his 3 steps. Well the first one and then add two others I got from the two conference I partook in. And here is what I got.

Michaels first question was:

1. Where does need and joy collide? Theologian Frederick Buechner wrote this: “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” I would add to that: our ministry is the intersection of our passion and the world’s greatest need. One way to determine your passion, though, is discovering what you believe to be the world’s greatest need. The passion flows from that. For instance, I believe the world’s greatest need is to heal from the past to live freely today. My passion is to write in such a way that I can help people live free. (more…)

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I got to participate in the Closing the Gap Conference today via the webcast, this on the heals of the Exponential conference last Wed – Friday. On the same theme of church planting with missions mixed in with it. Got a lot out of it. God continued His theme with me preaching the gospel, Church planning, missions, going, not excepting the status quo anymore.

God threw gas on the fire and zeal He kindled in me with the Exponential stream of teaching. God is up to something, do not know what yet.

Here are my notes bullets:

  • You may be getting nervous because your status quo isn’t changing the way it needs to change.” Jim Haney.
  • There is a decline in evangelical growth in the world today.
  • 86% of Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus have no relationship with a Christian. (more…)

Notes from Neil Cole, the founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates, notes from his teaching at the  Exponential Conference 2011.

He states he finally found the secret of church multiplication. That it was right under his nose. The secret to multiplication is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Christ in each of us, is the power.

It isn’t a strategy, it is Christ in each of us.

Don’t plant churches, plant Jesus

church doesn’t really change lives. Jesus changes lives. We need to put our faith in that, instead of our organization, and institution.

Connect everyone to Christ, make everyone disciples. (more…)


Here are some more highlight from the Exponential Conference 2011 the last day, I will be also post some more complete notes from the workshop, and more about what God is doing in me through what I picked up from this conference. This is more bullet points, one liners that grabbed the heart of the message, and me, being taught.

Friday 4-29-11

God has a mission for you, the question is will you accept it?

“it’s not just about believing the gospel, it’s about you applying the gospel to your life”

Discipleship needs to be at the heart of all we do – Jo Saxton

If you make disciples, you always get the church. If you build a church you will rarely get disciples

Discipleship was Jesus’ strategy to change the world

We need to make disciples who make disciples (more…)


I got to partake in, that is eavesdrop in on the Exponential Conference in Orlando FL via the web on Thursday. It was great. It was gasoline on the fire of my sole. The conference was for church planters, one of my great passions. So may of the things said stir my heart and soul. God ignited many emotions and zeal in my heart for church planting. I was so over taken by the Spirit on Thursday, I felt the presence and power of the Spirit on me and in me. Woke up with the Spirit still on me in a powerful way on this morning (Friday). Here are some notes from the conference, key points that caught my attention. His is how I felt on Thursday “My heads about to explode, I’m anxious, my hearts on fire, full of zeal from what’s going on at exponential Just had my world rocked” There will be a part two to this from the Friday session.

“Church is a who not a what, is deployed not gathered, is a verb not a noun. Reggie McNeal ”

“The secret to church multiplication, is Christ in you, not strategy”

“The Church is not the destination, the Kingdom is. ‘Thy Kingdom come…'” -Reggie McNeal

“What if we could see the church not as a place but a movement attacking the gates of hell? (more…)

I had two dreams this weekend that I wish, pray are prophecies.

On Friday night I dreamed that a girl, that I have no idea who she was and I got together under a wired circumstance. And she was a FBI agent, and due to the strange circumstance we got together I ended up with three million dollars. And her and I ended up in India, first we where feed the hungry, using the money to feed starving people.

Then we, using her skills as an FBI agent we raided brothel and where rescuing girls, children from human trafficking.

Woke up wishing it was true being these are 3 things I want to do, go over sea’s, feed the hungry and rescue girls out of human trafficking. Should say four things, the girl too, a wife, and ministry partner.

Then on Saturday night I dreamed that I was someone where and a buddy of mine from an old church plant and I meet up somewhere. And he was going to Israel and said he had a ticket from me to go with him, and so we went.

Something else I want to do, go to Israel, for many reasons, to see and preach the gospel.

I so much want both of those dream, no exactly as the first one was, it had a strange beginning, but the second half of it, yes, they really are dreams of mine.


I have found a third hero, person I would like to be, along with Gorge Muller and Jaeson Ma, his name is Ying Kai.

Ying Kai started and leasds one of the world’s most prolific disciple-making (T4T), church planting movements in the world.

He is a pastor in Asia who for many years was planting, starting a new church every year.

Then one day while praying God asked him what is better than planting churches?

God answered the question for him, “training others to plant churches”. Then God ask him, do you know what is better than training others to plant churches? Again God answered the question for him, “training others to train others to plant churches”.

So Ying began with 20 people with the goal to see 200 new churches planted in 3 years. Within a few weeks his students had 20 small groups going that where already becoming churches. Just 7 months later there where 327 small groups going with 4000 newly baptized believers in them. With in a year the movement had 908 new house churches with nearly 12,000 newly baptized believers. The following year saw 3,535 new churches planted with over 50,000 new baptisms. Some of the churches reproduced themselves 17 times in just 11/2 years.

By the end of the 3rd year another 104,000 baptisms and more than 9,000 new churches had been added. By 2008 nearly 2 million baptisms and more than 80,000 new churches and all in less than a decade.

Read on and learn how God worked through Ying Kai to spark a movement of over 1 million new believers . . .here