Author: Dennis Muse

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I was challenged and inspired at the same time by Bickle’s teaching sessions at Onething, amazingly a lot of what Bickle taught on built on the burden and passion for prayer that has been building up in me the last year. Built on what God was already teaching me over the last year on prayer. Gave me the how to have what I have been reading about and jealous after in the lives of men of great faith and pray that I admire, like Gorge Muller, Praying John Hyde and many others.

What I took away was…. (more…)


Adding to my goals for 2011, along with 365 Days of Love is “to do justice” that is “365 Days of Justice along with doing one act of love a day, I will be doing seeking to do at least one act of justice for someone. We read in Gen 6  “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations. ” That is to say Noah did acts of justice, Noah brought justice into the lives of others as a way of life. And so that is how I am choosing to live.

So by setting the goal to do acts of justice daily, to do at least one act of justice a day, I am choosing to live like Noah was know for. These are the generations of Noah. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God. Gen 6:9 When it says he was a just man, it means he brought justice to the lives of other. Made wrongs, right.

Today to many are defying the word justice with the wrong definition, (more…)


So now I am working on my goals for 2011, compiling my to do list if you will, my goals for the next coming year.

For one am I continuing with 365 Days of Love that I did a few times last year, but my goal for 2011 is to do it every day, to do an act of love for someone. (more on that in another post)

It is in my struggles of the nearly 3 years now that I have come to realize it is in the challenges of life that we find our character, and discover what needs to be changed. It is in the problems that we discover new purpose. In them what faith is put to the test, and it’s in them alone that faith grows.

One of my issues, pains in my life is my life is void of love, being single I have no love in my life, no one to love ether. Love is powerful yet love is painful. So I am seeking to add love to my life, by doing acts of love for others. When I look at Jesus on the cross and see a man full of love and yet full of pain, one who gave love away even when He had none from others, even in the midst of pain and suffering. How can love and pain exist together? (more…)


Imagine if the wise men had gotten tired waiting for that bright star and had decided to quit that night and go to bed. They would have easily missed the star that would eventually lead them to Jesus. But they new the scriptures, they new the season of the coming of the promised one, the Messiah. And they where sensitive to the leading of God, because they where living in expectance of the coming of the promised one, know the season according to scripture, they where ready to receive the coming one. (more…)


It’s not the fast-paced songs or the dynamic highly skilled band or the fancy light show and sound system that helps us worship, that is have real worship. It’s our personal revelation of who God is that leads us to a place of reverent worship where we do not feel the need of a worship leader or a band to get us there. The wise men knew who Jesus was and therefore required no high adrenaline music, no introduction, no motivation. Absolutely nothing but the revelation of God drove them to seek Him out and brought them to their knees in worship before Him. (more…)


Someone I am connected with on Facebook just announced this week they are deleting their FB account this week their reason echoed a message I heard on Sunday. One of the reasons they are deleting their account,

“I want to deepen in real friendship and community not chase dopamine bursts of false significance.”

He said when he compared his pre-social media and his post-social media life he did not like what he saw. And I agree with his challenge for us to do the same. (more…)


I was reminded today of the words of Jesus “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” that is so often quoted. But if you read the entire verse, and the two before it, that are the complete statement of Jesus. I think we might just learn that His statement “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” does not mean what everyone thinks it does.

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Mat 28:17-20

His words I am with you always seem to be linked to going, doing all the tings He mentions before those those famous words, that is what is known as the great commission. (more…)


God is not trying to grow a following of pew-sitters who know how to lip sink to a rock show on Sunday. Unfortunately the vast majority of pastors in American do not understand this.

But rather, God is raising up an army of passionate worshipers who desire above all else to live in the fiery radiance of His presence.

A people who have such a longing for His presence that they can not be satisfied with any substitute, they must have His presence, see His face. And will not settle for simply being entertained at church, just set with folded hands and watch a rock show. They must with all their heart, with great unbridled passion worship, love on God. With all their body, mind and sole, they must dance, shout, raise their hands, cry out praises to His name. Lay prostate, sing with both joy and tears. They must love on God with their own words from a heart filled with passionate love for God, for Jesus. They must cry out love songs to Jesus, sing a new song, their love song to Jesus.

I’m talking about white hot fiery zeal for the face of Jesus, for the very living presence of God.

This is what I am after when I gather with the body, this is my hearts passion. I will not settle with anything less than to gather with like minded people who burn white hot with passionate zeal for the face of God, and will not be satisfied tell they enter into His presence so they can love on Him.

“When people are on fire for God, others will travel for miles to watch them burn. “
John Wesley

If Jesus would have preached the average sermon from this last Sunday in America, He never would have been crucified.

And No one would have accused Him of being Elisha. The blind would not have been given sight. The crippled would not have walked. The lepers would not have been cleansed. The adulter would not have repented and gone and sinned no more. Demons would not have been cast out. The dead would not have been raised. 5000 would not have been feed.

The rich would not have went away sorrowful. Desiples would not have been made. No one would have went out sent to turn the world upside down. The talbles in the church would not have been overturned. The Kingdom of God is at hand would not have been cryed out.

And that is very said statement for the church in America!