Author: Dennis Muse

2-27-10In my 365 Days of Mission today I had Church while at the gym, while working out a fellow believer and his wife showed up to work out. And I engaged them in the word, sharing and talking about the Lord. Talking about the amazing things he is doing in my life. And they shared what He was doing in their life. And we gave praise to God for what He was doing. We talked about current events going on in the world and how it was fulfilling biblical prophecy. I proclaimed the promises of God about the end times and the coming of Jesus in light of resent world events. The coming King of Kings and His rule over the new earth. We gave praise to God and lifted up Jesus and His coming. And all this done in ear shot of a host of others working out at the gym.

We had church, yes church at the gym, church can and is to happen everywhere and any time two or three gather together in Jesus’ name (Matt 18:20). Because Jesus is there, but we must chouse to engage Him, invite Him in our conversation, chouse to left Him up before others. We could have had the normal how you doing, how’s work, talked about TV shows or politics. But instead I chouse to have church, to talk about the Lord and proclaimed Him and what he was doing.

I would encourage everyone to do the same thing, where ever you are, and you encounter another believer, to have church. Have church every time, every where you are. Having church should be a daily activity. I think my gyms name is very appropriate, 24 Hour Fitness, because Church 24 Hour is the true hours of church.

0130185237Had one of my most incredible encounters with God last night at the IHOP Awaking. The worship lead by Misty Edwards was incredible as it always is, that girl brings even to earth with her spontaneous worship. The Holy Spirit was moving big time last night, I was brought into the throne room last night. The Spirit was all over me. The most amazing part was three people came up to me over the course of 3 hours and laid hands on me and each gave me a word from the Lord.

One was so obvious it was the Lord because the guy read my mail, what he said was so right on as to personal a thing going on in me. No way he could have randomly said what he did about me.

On word was on the scale of life changing, today as I have been processing all of it. I put it on the same level as the word of God to Abraham by God’s messages, when told Sarah would bear him a son.

It shook me to my core, I could only weep and rejoice at the same time, and called out to the Lord for it to be true. Oh how I want it to be true. Like that of Abraham’s it was a message of great hope and promise for me, but from my view even more imposable than Abraham’s promise.

The third one piggy backed on the big one, while someone was praying for me God gave him vision of me. When he said what it was nether of us quite understood one part of. But while in bed last night, it came to me, and I understood what it was about, at least I think I do.

And I am steeping out in faith that both (they are intertwined together) where from God and He can and will make it come to pass.

What an amazing night with the Lord, awesome worship at His feet, filled with dancing, singing, weeping, shouts of joy. And thee life changing words, prophecies from the Lord.

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2-20-10God buys ugly lives.

We are all familiar with the We Buy Ugly House signs all around our towns, they are in the business of buying homes that are in disrepair that for the most part no one wants. So these guys swoop in and buy them up cheep, then rehab them, make them into much nicer homes that people would want to live in and buy them.

Well, that is the business God is in, He buys ugly lives, people no one else wants, messed up lives, the sinners supreme, the poor, the down trodden, miss fits, prostitutes, murders, the worst of the worst felons. And He pays the highest price from them, He buys them with the life, and shed blood of His Son, Jesus. And then He rehabs the them, turns them into something beautiful, a new creation.

Every church should have that banner on their building “We Buy Ugly Lives” that is the business we are in, God’s, the transforming of lives. Jesus said that He came for the sinners not for the righteous. That where the church should be operating, going out into the places no one else would go. Gathering up the ugly lives, the prostitutes, drug dealers, the unwanted. Carrying to them God’s message, He wants’ them, wants to rehab them into something beautiful and valuable.

Again Jesus said “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2:17 If your church does not have ex-criminals, ex-drug addicts and dealers, ex-prostitutes, ex-convicts, ex-sex offenders, ex-adulterers, ex-thieves, the outcast of society. If it is only full of rich, healthy suburban dwellers. Its not fulfilling the mission of Jesus, not keeping with His life mission as he states in Mark 2:17.

God wants to buy that ugly life of the drug addict, prostitute, thief, the drunker and rehab, transform them into a beautiful new creation in the image of His Son, Jesus.

Then Luke 15:7 is fulfilled, Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.

If we can not look at a prostitute, drug dealer, murder and see someone that God through the Gospel of Jesus in the power of the Holy spirit can be transformed into a beautiful life, the images of Jesus. Then we do not truly know and understand the gospel and  the power of the gospel, the life and death of Jesus and His mission, the power of God. If we do not understand that is who we are to reach, we do not understand God’s mission on earth for His church.

0213190149Shouted praises and love to God tell my voice went horse. Was at IHOP and then the student awaking for over 4 hours worship, praising God and praying for other. Was shouting out praises and dancing before the Lord, signing new songs of praise to Him, adding my voice to the 1,000 plus who where there. The Holy Spirit was moving among His people, Laid hands on many praying for them as long as the Spirit lead met to, many where delivered and heal from things. Was an awesome night of love expressed for God and the body of Christ. It was a love encounter with God and the body of Christ.

0216170724Prayed for Israel at IHOP (International House of Prayer), was there for 6 hours, I added my voice to hundreds of others praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). That salvation would come to all of Israel, that the scripture would be fulfilled that says “all of Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26). That the chosen ones of God, His people the Jews, that His land, nation’s eyes would be open to see the Messiah Yeshua. That the Holy Spirit would be released to open their eye to see Yeshua. That He would release a burning passionate love for Yeshua. I have a great love for Israel, for the Jewish people, because it is both my roots, my people, as well as a mandate to every believer to Love and pray for Israel and God’s chosen people the Jews.

My act of love today was praying for Israel in love for her and the Jewish people.

21510Wanted to share my thoughts on a bible passage. Exodus 32:1-4

The making of the golden calf was not the peoples first idle they made, it was Moses, it was Moses they where following in the desert, not God. It was Moses they where looking to for leadership, and provision of all things, not God. So when Moses was gone too long from them, they panicked and sought anther thing to worship, to follow, so they made a golden calf to take Moses place, because they where never following God or worshiping Him, but Moses instead. Although they claimed it was God that they worshiped, the real test is always when ever something or someone is removed from a persons life, it’s true place in their lives is reveled. If God was their God, the one they where following, Moses absent would have not have lead to the creating of a golden calf, another false idle to worship, because they still would have had God.

People still do this today, only they make their pastor, church or some other person their god, an idle they are following, worshiping, looking to for leadership, to take care of them. And when the person, pastor, church lets them down, they simply make another golden calf to worship. They simply turn to another idle to worship, a job, drugs, sex, another person, another church, or even another religion to fill the void left because they  blame God and/or Christianity for that person failings. Because they say it was God who failed them, but really they never new, worship, or followed God, but rather a person or church, and they failed them not God. If a pastors or a churches actions can brake your “relationship”, your faith in God, then it was never with or in God in the first place, it was in an idle. Idles come and go, that is why there is so many of them. Hinduism alone there are millions of gods, different idles that the people chose to worship, the reason so many, they are always adding new ones because the old ones fail them. Just like here in Exodus, one fails you, just make a new one.

We must always be on guard as not to create are own golden calf’s, idles to follow, check to make sure we are always following the Lord and not a person, pastor or church. But the Lord alone and none other. People, a pastor your church should be beside you in your relationship with God, your faith in God, not in between you and God.

9781400200924Charles Stanley in his book, How to Reach Your Full Potential for God, sets out to give us a blueprint for those who want to live a life of purpose, God’s purpose that is, to find and live out that purpose, to live a life at full potential in Christ. Stanley has written an encouraging, biblically sound book. He says we must step out in faith and trust the principles and promises of God found in the Bible. And he is right, in this world filled with self help gurus everywhere, everyone clambering to tell us what life is about, who we are and not are, what our life purpose is to be. We need to keep ourselves firmly planted in God’s purpose for us, hold on to the potential we have in Him.

It is good for a book like this to come along, yes one can be critical and say “Oh No another self help book”. But if we do not get a constant flow of reminders to keep us centered on Gods truths, we can as Paul says “even the elect can be persuaded” to something else. Stanley encourages us to not settle for the ordinary life, the life the world offers us, that is less than what God has for us. He teaches to seek out the extraordinary purpose that only God can give us.

Stanley sets out seven points to live by: Seek being God’s best, not settling for less, pursuing potential, a clean heart, a clear mind, using our gifts, a healthy body, right relationships, a balanced schedule and taking God-approved risks. Points that everyone could use for living life.

This book was good timing for me, I had lost my purpose in life recently due to circumstances in my life, so this book was perfect timing. So I do highly recommend this book, you will get something out of it, what depends on where you are in life. It could be life changing things or just minor course correction for you life, and that makes it worth reading.

21210Today was day 3 of the Radicalis conference hosted by Saddleback Church and Rick Warren. Got a lot out of what was shared by Rick in his closing session. It really gave me a lot to digest that falls inline with what God has been saying to me. Give more refinement to my 365 Days of Mission and 365 Days of Love. I feel more life change decisions being made very soon. Do not know yet what to do will all God has been bringing my way these last few weeks.

Day 3 has further equipped me for both my 365 Days of Mission and Acts of Love, giving more focus to them and a deeper understanding of God is calling me to do.

Here are some of my notes:

Is anyone going to be in heaven because of you and your investments? ~ A question everyone needs to ask themselves daily!

“Jesus doesn’t care about politics, or making America great again. Jesus cares about people (their salvation).” And so should we, we should not be about getting someone to join the Tea Party, but join our heavenly Fathers table for the wedding feast.

And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of unrighteous wealth, so that when it fails they may receive you into the eternal dwellings. Luke 16:9

In a sense that is use our money to buy people for the Kingdom, that is spend our money for the work of the Kingdom, giving to the poor, helping others, however means necessary to reach others. Gain them as a eternal friend by being God’s instrument in their coming to faith in Christ.

We should ask our selves are you spending our money for the Kingdom, or worldly junk that will burn.

The greatest thing you can do with your life and money is to get other people into the Kingdom.

We must get angry about what Jesus got angry about
– When the needs of children go unmet
– When the suffering of others is ignored
– People who should know better (i.e. religious leaders)
– People who took advantage of the poor
– Getting rich on religion
– Poverty
– Disease
– Injustice

We must sacrifice for what Jesus sacrificed
– If you only preach freedom from hell, but not freedom from sin, you’ll get people who are saved, but don’t want to be holy

I feel some very great life-changing decisions in my life soon, God is differently working in major ways in me right now.

2-11-10A Radical Experience

Attended the Radical Experience conference via the web cast today, it was hosted by Saddleback Church and Rick Warren. It was for pastors and church planters. Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Perry Nobel, Ed Stetzer and Andy Stanley where some of the speakers.

Heard some good things, Ed Stetzer did a good job of motivating church multiplication, church planting, gave 5 reason every church should be planting churches every year and they should be planting churches.

Rick Warren was on living on mission, he gave the top 5 problems of the world, and a list of the 5 things Jesus did, what His mission consisted of and how those 5 things are our mission. And then he showed how Jesus’ 5 acts of mission where the answer, solution to the 5 top problems of the world.

* Global Problem #1: Spiritual emptiness
* Spiritual emptiness causes conflict
* Global Problem #2: Corrupt leadership
* This means leaders don’t understand what being a leader means, you are either selfish or humble
* The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence
* Global Problem#3: Poverty
* Global Problem#4: Pandemic diseases
* We need leaders who say, “enough is enough” when it comes to diseases
* Global Problem #5: Illiteracy and lack of education

The 5 things Jesus did, His mission consited of

* Plant churches/promote reconicliation
* Equip servant leaders
* Assist the poor
* Care for the sick
* Educate the next generation

How does that deal with the 5 World Problems

* The only group that can answer these 5 Problem is the church
* Jesus preached reconciliation and he planted a church
* What kingdom leadership looks like (Matthew 20:25 – 26)
* Jesus assisted the poor
* Jesus cared for the sick
* Jesus educated the next generation
* Study Luke 10, Mark 9 and Matthew 10 is the P.E.A.C.E. Plan

The PEACE plan is ordinary people empowered by God, doing what Jesus did, together, wherever they are

This conference was about living out the mission of God today, as a pastor, a church planter, being a Christian on mission. The things I want to implement into my life daily.

2-10-10Went to International House of Prayer (IHOP) here in KC for the on going Awaking as they are calling it. It is a outpouring of the Holy Spirit fast at work on the students at IHOPU, the school of worship.

I went to both get prayer and to pray for others and worship before the Lord. One of the students I prayed for wanted more of the fire of God, more passion for Him. To return to his first passion he had to do the work of the Lord. To be a worshiper of God.

I was able to pray and speak words of encouragement to him, the Holy Spirit really touched him, he fell on his face before God and soaked in Gods Spirit. He was renewed, set on fire for the Lord in a renewed passion.

I showed love by taking the time to lay hands on him and pray with him tell he had enough. Too many times people say, “I will pray for you” when we express a need, but do not, soon forget. One of the greatest acts of love is to take the time right there and then to lay hands on some and pray, pray tell the Lord moves, tell the Spirit touches them. Tell the Spirit tells you He is through working. That’s love in action, Christ love.