Author: Dennis Muse

Preach the Gospel, To All the World.

Jesus told His followers in Mark 16:15 “And He said to them, Go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to all the creation.” despite Satan’s influence on people in the church who introduced the doctrine in the 90’s of Not sharing the gospel with others. That people by simply by being around you through osmoses will become followers of Christ. Even thou all references to witness or witnessing in the book of Acts are public, verbal proclamation of the gospel outright. Jesus never taught or instructed His disciples to anything other than out right proclaim the gospel. There is never the concept in Scripture that witness can be private or simply lived out, but rather something to be proclaimed, shouted from the house tops.

Romans 10:14 tells us “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without preaching?” It is the job of every follower of Christ, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to all of the world. With words, with the actual gospel of Jesus. Do not listen to others, people who tell you not to share Christ, not to proclaim the gospel, just live a “good” life and others will get saved with out a word spoken. (Note, in order for your life to be an actual witness as they say, to reveal Jesus and the gospel, you must be living a life of obedience to Christ, and imitating His life. Which means you must be verbal sharing, proclaiming the Gospel, just as Jesus did and said to do. It’s a catch 22.)

In Luke 15:10 Jesus says ““…I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” how can anyone who is a follower of Christ not want to be part of that. Be part of an act that brings so much joy to all of heaven. This is what the Gospel is all about, why Jesus came and walked among us, what He sent His followers to do, Preach the gospel, so Go and proclaim the gospel to the world!

Chose this day to live, be like Philip in Act 8: 26-40. We read in Act 8:35 “Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus.” Chose this day to live like him, to Go out into the world with that intent, to share on purpose. Only you can chose to live like that, be like him.

Part 5

Feed the Hungry, Go to Cambodia.

Or Go to any of the other 50 nations that the worlds poorest people live in.

These are the face of hunger, look at these faces , there are 153 million children who go to bed hungry, 16,000 children will die from hunger today, how can you say you do not have the time to save them.

Look at how this child finds dinner, if at all. Imaging your child having to do this. Well too many parents watch their children do this to eat.

There are 162 million people who live in ‘ultra poverty’ on less than 50 cents a day, One billion people live on less than $1 a day. Every day, one child every five second dies from hunger-related causes..

Jesus said this is Him, this is His face you are looking at, hungry, naked, thirsty.

Until you have seen this, looked into their hungry eyes, seen them live in cardboard box, you can not understand this. Until you hold a starving child in you arms you do not know how real this tragedy is.

Go spend 3 or 4 weeks here , or the rest of you life here, Go save the lives of children, Go do what Jesus told His church, followers to do in Matt 25. This experience will change you, the way you understand the gospel, change how you see the world. Change what you think is important in life, how you live, spend money, even eat and dress. It is by seeing and touching this reality, seeing the magnitude of it that makes it real to you, this is what will change what you do with your money, how much you give. You can not understand this suffering tell you touch it, see into the eyes of a hungry child, this is why all Christians must go, and do.

There are more than 300 verse in the bible in which God talks about the poor, that they are nearest to His heart and it’s the responsibility of His people to take care of them. Do you really believe the gospel is that Jesus died so you can be rich, comfortable and fat, while children starve to death? Jesus is calling out to His people to come to Him. Who will answer His call, will You? Go! You will never be the same again.

Part 4

streets KidsRescue Streets Kids in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Figures now reveal that 7 million abandon children live on the streets of Brazilian cities.

The girls are snatched up quickly for sex trafficking or simply turn to prostitution to survive.

And like I said of India, this also is where Jesus would be found if He where on earth today, in fact according to Matt 25, this is where He is right now, waiting for His people to come visit Him, rescue Him, take Him in.

Go spend 3 or 4 weeks here, rescue a child, save them, do what Jesus came to do, Go do what Jesus commission His church, followers to do. This experience will change you, change how you see the world. until you have seen this kind of tragedy you can not understand what so many children have to live like daily.

The first time I saw this atrocity, was face to face with young children living on the streets, doing any thing to eat, my heart was forever changed. I was in the mist of the human litter on the streets along with broken bottles, and discarded newspapers, young children thrown away like trash.

Forty four times God speaks of His people responsibility to take care of the fatherless, and speaks of the penalty for those who do nothing to help them.

So take the time go to Brazil rescue some children, be a father to the fatherless, truly be a follower of Christ, go where He would go, be like Him be found about your fathers business. Can you truly tell me this is not what Jesus wants you to do. Save the life of some children give them a future, show them the gospel is real. Prove your faith is real.

Part 3 in my series

girl IndiaRescue girls from the sex trade, prostitution, in India

This is Asia’s largest sex industry center estimated that over 1.2 million children are believed to be enslaved in prostitution in India.

One truly can not comprehend the depth of this issue from the comfort of your home in the US. Nor can you fulfill Jesus’ commands in Matt 25 with your check book. Everyone should Go spend 3 to 4 weeks in this dark place , look upon the faces of these girls, this is real, one of the greatest human tragedies today.

This experience will change you, change how you see the world and it will show you just how great the need for the Gospel is. It will Change your priorities in life, and what you think is really important. This is what Jesus has sent His followers to change, to take on the cause of the fatherless, the oppressed, the downtrodden. Until you visit a third world county, get out of the wall’s of the America Christian life you can not truly have a world vision of what needs to be done, the depth of suffering and needs in the world today.

This is where Jesus would be found if He where on earth today, in fact according to Matt 25, this is where He is right now, waiting for His people to come visit Him, rescue Him. Jesus said He came to set the captives free, and His followers should be doing just that, if they are truly following Him.

So take the time go to India rescue those in the chains of slavery, children being sold for their bodies. Spend a month putting yourself in harms way to save lives, maybe even staying tell the job is done, tell every child is freed.

Part 2 in my series

Visit The Underground Church in China

Why? To see and experience the biblical church model shown us in the book of Act’s. See the real deal, church like you have never have seen, encounter Christianity as close to the time of Christ you will find on earth.

It will change how you understand and define what church is and what happens when the body meets, taste the church you read about in Act’s and see that it can be done today, need to be done today.

And I do not mean the public government sanctioned church meetings, I mean the underground church, your life is at stake if you get caught church. The one people go to prison for being part of, the one you could be killed for pastoring or hosting one. Every Christian should go and spend 3 to 4 weeks in one , really getting a taste for the life, the church. The one that is changing the face of a nation, creating more true followers of Christ than any other place on earth.

This will give you a new compass for your life, for how to have church, everyone I know who has been, came back a different person, could not return to church the way it is done in America.
























This image really caught my attention, hit me when I saw it.

This came to mind:

I saw how I feel the church has become to the world, building super mega churches, mega complexes complete with Starbuck in the lobby and La-Z-Boy recliners to keep the attendees well entertained and comfortable. While in the shadows of there multi million dollar buildings people are living in poverty, many starving to death. When I think of all the suffering the churches could alleviate with the money they have!

The thing is the poor people I’m taking about, the ones in the shadows are the ones God said His people have the responsibly to take care of. That Jesus said in Matthew chapter 25 if you do not take care of them you will not enter the Kingdom of God people.

This must change!

Things I never would have imagine seeing in my life time.

That General Motors, GM would file for bankruptcy. This company was the largest corporation in the world for decades (#1 tell 2001 with a couple of years exceptions). The slogan once was “What’s good for GM is good for the nation.” (ironically that may still be true)

That the US government would be dependent on Communist China to loan it money to enable it to continue operating.

That I would need a passport to visit Mexico and Canada.

That we would get ourselves into anther Vietnam war, two at the same time to be precise.

That churches would lift up as a roll model for young girls a soft porn model, Miss California who definds her right to do nude riskay photos as a Christian, that it is OK for Christian girls to do it.

That churches would be defending Gay marriage, with just as many supporting Gay marriage as oppose it. See Prop 8 in Ca.

That churches would ordinate Gays as pastors and endorse homosexuality as a acceptable life style, excepting them and their lifestyle into the church.

That the leading abortion doctor would be an active member of a church, and call himself a Christian. See Doctor George Tiller.

county gentlemanI found an old copy of the magazine Country Gentlemen from March 1951 and there was a full page ad in it from the Institute of Life Insurance, that well could be run today. And I could not help but wonder if the state of our economy would of gotten into the dire straits that it is in today, or “state of Emergency” as the article refers to if people had been doing these 6 things the last 58 years. Especially numbers 2, tell the government to be on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.” that is do not borrow money and 6, “We must buy only what we need” A.K.A cut up credit cards and stop unnecessary spending, both the people and the government.

“We are in a state of Emergency. We must build our military strength – and, at the same time, we must keep our economy strong for the long pull. Inflation bleeds both.”

1. We must increase production in order to meet defense needs and, at the same time, provide civilian necessities. Up to now peacetime demands have kept production at full blast. Of course we’ve got to reduce civilian demands. Even then it is only through increased production that we can meet this double need and also help keep prices from rising. Government, business and labor should discourage wage and profit increases which primarily increase prices without increasing production.

2. We must support increased taxes to put our government, as nearly as possible, on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Paying higher taxes is not only cheaper for all of us in the long run but it helps to hold down prices now.

3. We must insist that our government cut non-military expenditures to the bone. Every dollar so cut is an added dollar for the defense effort without extra taxes or borrowing.

4. We must accept curbs on credit. Credit restriction help assure the supply of materials needed for defense, and help keep prices down, buy reducing competition for these materials.

5. We must increase our savings. We we put money into savings or investments, we cut the demand for civilian goods and make that money available for investment so businesses and factories can increase production. This helps check inflation. When we lend our savings to the government, to that degree we make it unnecessary for the government to borrow from the banks, and that kind of borrowing is inflationary.

6. We must buy only what we need, using credit as sparingly as possible. Otherwise we bid against ourselves for scarce goods, and that pushes prices up.

house church meeting No money need. Money is not a requrement to have church, ever.

All the free places I have had a gathering of the church at, and that you can find on any given day for free to use. There are so many free places that you can get to meet at, money should never be an excuse for not gathering.



My house, I can have 30 people with ease in one room (my house church)
The basement of a house
The backyard of a house
A vacant house
Apartment recreation center
Housing development recreation center
On the beach (In Cal weather is hardly ever an issue)
In a park (In many states, weather is hardly ever an issue like Ca, Az, Nv, Nm, Hi, Tx)
A night club / bar (it was closed during the day)
Restaurant banquet room
Hotel banquet room
Vacant retail space (know of someone who used a 35k sq ft building for 3 years tell it sold, yes for free)
Vacant office space
Playhouse (theater)
A Christian High school football stadium

church on the beach











You can have Church on the beach, always for free!

church in a park











Church in a park, no cost at all.