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Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging, Facebook are the main player in the new world of what is known as social media, the way people have chosen to communicate with each other, socialize with others. While everyone is praising these new medias, and I use them my self, I Twitter and Facebook. But I must say I believe it is creating a new generation of people whom never emotionally engage in real relationships with others. Deep heart felt communication is not at the heart of this media.

Because people are limited to 160 character limit, as is Facebook and Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so people are learning to be brief in their communication, to nether be personal or get personal connected with others, they are a someone of whom we have no physical connection at the time. And if your a blogger if you say more than a short paragraph about something you get comments left saying your blog is to long. And not only are people texting more than actual talking to people on their cell phones, the high cost of cell time forces people to keep conversation short and only during off peak times.

My Point being is are these social media venues really scalable activities, are they making us more intimate people. Making us deeply committed to others, making us open expressive people?

Research has proven (as all salesmen and public speakers have known for decades). That true human communication only occures in face to face contact, and there are three major parts in human communication which are body language, voice tonality, and words.

* 55% of impact is determined by body language–postures, gestures, and eye contact,
* 38% by the tone of voice, and
* 7% by the content or the words used in the communication process

So we are limiting our communication down to a only 7% of our know means of being receptive to the other person and being received, understood by the other. We are eliminating to two most important elements in human communication, the other person and ourselves. Our physical presents creates 93% of our communication ability. Our voice, facial expressing, tone of voice, our body motions, hand gestures. Our emotions which control our body and voice can only be expressed though our physical presents, not our words alone, especial in a 140 character or less.

Is this the future of marriage, a text from one room to the other, or short unemotional bits of information across a dinner table. Parenting by text or Facebook. Are we socially going to end up looking like all those SciFi movies that showed future generations with no emotions, no intimacy, where we just rome around like robots exchange only necessary date to complete work. I wounder.

I’ll take the old days of good old face to face long intimate conversations, you know grab a brew with the guys any day. Yes I will continue with my Twittering but longing for that face to face real life connection and long winded conversations.

Here’s a great, little clip about Twitter that makes my point in a funny way. Taming The Twitter Beast

overflowNear the top of your bathroom sink as well in your tub just below you drain plug lever there is what is call the overflow hole. It’s purpose is simple if the sink or tub start to overflow with water, the water go’s in the hole and down the drain instead of out on to the floor.

In scripture we are told to not only be filled with the Holy Spirit, but that we need to seek to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit, it’s not a one time filling. In fact we can obtain deferent levels of fullness of the Holy Spirit depending on the person and whether or not they are pursuing to be filled with and just how much they want of the Spirit in them. The scriptures make that very clear.

Well God gave us a overflow hole, a hole that just like the one in your sink and tub, allows excess to flow into it, or in this case out of and it you mouth. Jesus said in Luke 6:45 “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” And so it is, when you are so filled with the Holy Spirit, I mean really perusing the filling of the Spirit you overflow with the Spirit and it, He comes out of your mouth. Your words are Spirit induced, Spirit influenced, you find your talk is really the Spirit talking.

What ever you are filling up on, is what will come out of you overflow hole, if you spend you time studding and learning the word of God, the word comes out. Filling yourself up with praise for God, praise comes out. Filled up with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, things of the Spirit will be flowing out of you.

Some examples of what You will speak according the scriptures:

* The Word with all boldness.
* Utterance of wisdom
* Utterance of knowledge
* Prophecy’s
* Praises to God
* Faith and Hope
* Encouragement
* Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord

So what are you filling up on, what are you overflowing with, your conversations will tell others. Is it the Holy Spirit you are overflowing with, Gods word? Seek to be filled tell you are overflowing with the Holy Spirit. You must seek daily, even hourly to be filled and never be satisfied with the level you are at.

This is my goal, my daily prayer, that I be filled with overflowing of the Holy Spirit.

There was an article in this weeks Inc newspaper here in Kansas City, it was titled “Sex Sermons at Church? Yes “. The article was on two church here that recently had sermons on sex and it gave the high lights of them.

Both pastors endorsed premarital sex, said that it is old school Christian beliefs that used fear tactics to keep people believing that sex before marriage was wrong. “That one can not separate their sex lives from their spiritually. God crated sex for man to enjoy within a committed relationship and that is up to each to define committed relationship as they see fit for themselves”.

This is what happens when “churches” stop teaching the Word of God, believing and obedience to the Word of God always comes to an end. When church abandon the fundamentals of the faith for culture relevant life styles and beliefs.

I will leave you with the words of Jesus as to church that abandon the Word of God in exchange for a culture relevant life style, and the pastors who lead them.

Rev 2:20-23 But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols. I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality.Behold, I will throw her onto a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works, and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches will know that I am he who searches mind and heart, and I will give to each of you according to your works.

I am both amazed and saddened a how many church that I have visited and during the entire message the pastor never mention the name of Jesus once, or only two or three times on a good day. There are pastors whom I have heard numerous sermons of, and have never heard them say the name of Jesus once even. The church gathering is all about Jesus, how can any pastor get up there and speak for thirty of forty minuets and not talk about Jesus. This really bothers me, deep in my sprit.

As a comparison, Mike Bickel pastor of Forerunner Christian Fellowship and head of International House of Prayer (IHOP), someone whom I hear often. I tried to count how many times he says the name of Jesus, I lost count after 60 times in one sermon, now that’s a sermon about Jesus, thats a true gathering of the church. I can say the same thing about Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie, you will have a hard time keeping count, they say His name so much.

I feel that if the apostle Paul was to go to most churches today he would be compelled to give the speech he gave at Athens, referring to the unknown god the people worshiped.

Act 17:23 For as I passed along and observed the objects of your worship, I found also an altar with this inscription, ‘To the unknown god.’ What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you.

After all if the pastor is not naming Jesus, not identifying Jesus as the Lord and God whom the church is gathered together to worship, then, who is it he is worshiping up there, talking about if not Jesus?

Pay attention next service at your church and keep track how many times you pastor says the name of Jesus, how much of his teaching is about Jesus. And if you can count it on one hand, you must ask yourself this. What is this church really about, is the pastor really about Jesus or something else? If the pastor is not passionate about Jesus, all about preaching Jesus, then the church and those in it will not be ether.

unemploymentSay you just got laid off or fired. Eventual you will face the interview question: What are you doing now?

This blog is about an answer to give that will be better accepted than draw unemployment.

Yes you look for a job, but the truth is you cannot job hunt for eight hours a day seven days a week. Once you read all the job ads, replied to any you are qualified for and are interested, what then.

So spend your days doing something meaningful with your time and that will not only keep up your spirits, give you something of quality to talk about in a job interview but will also have kingdom purpose.

But this is also good for you in your job hunt. Because when you talk about what you have done since you left the last company, you can present it in a positive light by talking about doing what you are doing now.

1. Create a job for yourself. Offer to work for free, do an internship at a company (I did this once at a Video Production Studio). That way you do not have a gap in your resume, resumes do not have show part-time or full-time or show pay or no pay. So volunteering at a company for a few of hours a day or week can ended up looking like a full-time job on your resume. And this can be very helpful to get experience in the field you want to get into, a transitional move on your resume as well.

Two and three is where the kingdom purpose can come in.

2. Work at your church. Do the things you always said you would if you did not have to work. A day or two at your church, in the office, in a ministry there. Churches are always in need to staff help, just ask your pastor is there something I could be doing for a day or two a week.

3. Work at a ministry. Such as a homeless shelter a food bank one day a week or even half a day. Even better start a ministry, that one thing that you have had a burden for, a calling you in your heart. Now may be the time to make it happen, get it going. You will be serving God and the Kingdom as well as again a resume doesn’t show part-time or full-time and it doesn’t show pay or no pay.

4. Start a blog about the industry you are in or want to go into. Blogging is a great way to keep up in your industry and network without looking desperate. Everyone who is unemployed should be blogging as a way to get their next job. They say you should be branding yourself for the job you want in three years. A lot of people even go as fare as to say your blog is the new resume. I just recently stated one on Leadership for this very reason read it here.

5. Go back to school. Take a class or classes in anything. Use the time to grow, better yourself. It does not have to be job related, just getting the most out of your time off, time to do what you have not had the time to do.

7. Teach a class. Volunteer to teach a class on a subject you have expertise on, it will keep your skills alive and refined, and give you something impress to add to your resume. You could check with local colleges, business groups and community centers, even at your church.

8. Start a company. Have you ever thought of going into business for yourself. Do you have a business idea? Your may never have a better opportune time than during unemployment. You have time, and you can try ideas and see what happens.








PJ Smyth Session at the Acts 29 Church Planters Boot Camp, “The Call”. His session was on the Gospel. It was very good.

Main Aspects of Proclaiming the Gospel

1. The Definition of the Gospel Romans 1:1-2

2. The Result of the Gospel 1 Peter 2:9-12

3. The Defenders of the Gospel

4. The Enemies of the Gospel

The Gospel is Jesus

The question is not “what is the Gospel” but “who is the Gospel”! The Gospel is Jesus! The Gospel is the story of the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

Gospel of mercy results in a community. It’s what the Gospel does. It’s what God has always wanted.

The Gospel is proclamational and demonstrable. It is about saying and doing.

Gospel is also the gospel of the Kingdom – it is over everything under the sun, thinking, doing, being.

Ephesians 3:7-12 The gospel has so many folds to it that you need the full body of Jesus to proclaim the fullness of it!

The Result of the Gospel

The Gospel of mercy creates a new community of people on the earth every time it is preached! God has always wanted people. Through the proclamation of the Gospel the local church is formed and exists.

The Gospel has to be multiplied and be spread. It is too big to stay put. God is too big for one place. His mercy and Gospel will be multiplied!

Upon His sacrifice the veil was torn allowing ALL people from All nations to come to Him. The Gospel is for all people.

Changed lives are the real result of the Gospel. He has purchased all people through His sacrifice. He has opened the road to redemption for all people.

The Gospel changes us! We have no choice but to change after coming face to face with the truth.

The Enemies of the Gospel

We must defend the Gospel. There will be enemies and falsehoods to be deterred in order to defend the Gospel.

Anything that gets more focus time and worship than Jesus is idolatry! Recognize this a flee from it. Our problem with idolatry is perception! We don’t perceive the lies because we are a selfish and ignorant people.

We need to expose the idols we worship! We have to call them the junk they are!

We can’t expose idols without exposing Jesus, that He may expose us.

Idol testing: Ask yourself “What do you want most?” What captures your mind when it wanders… job, a spouse, status?

Let Jesus be lifted up and everything else will be exposed for the junk it really is. compared to Jesus, everything else is bunk.

Identity in the Gospel

The Gospel keeps our identity from being grounded in the works of our hands, and keeps our identity grounded in the grace of Jesus!

Identity first, then death of sin. If identity gets messed up along the way then fix it FIRST

Jesus says you’re mine, you’re righteous forever whether or not you do good stuff. This is our new ID

Religion says you suck, so change and you won’t suck.

The Gospel says you don’t suck and you’re not condemned, so go and sin no more! He is working in us to do as we should!

We have a new identity in Christ. That should be our center focus of worship, the transformation on Christ in us.

Identity in Christ will lead to a church full of good works!

The law leads me to Jesus – by abiding in Him I will be provoked to righteousness (John 15)

Religion will provoke you to sin. If you want a church full of sin, load it up with rules! Romans 7:8

You cannot just be a man of prayer and bible study to lead a church. You have to love Jesus, really love Jesus above all else.

Defenders of the Gospel

1. Planting Churches

2. Preaching the Gospel

3. Honoring the Sovereignty of God

4. Diligent Discipleship that results in changed lives

5. Tearing Down Idols

6. Tearing Down Religious Legalism

You must get convinced of the Gospel, own it, take it as It’s My Gospel

Grasp that you have been preserved for higher things for the sake of the gospel.

Become accountable to the Gospel Gal 2:6

Become Convinced, Unashamed, Accountable, and a Slave to the Gospel. That is your calling

Become Completely Unashamed of the Gospel! Acts 17:26-27, Mt 5:14-16, Hab 2:14, Mt 4:17, Acts 2:38

Become a Slave to the Gospel Romans 1:1

Do not be ashamed of the Gospel. Do not be ashamed to call people to repentance. Do not be ashamed of your calling, who you are.

thecallMy notes from the Acts 29 Boot Camp “The Call” from Matt Chandlers teaching. Matt hit is out of the park, was a much needed message on the necessity and biblical call to teach the Word of God, proclaim the Word of God. He was really addressing Andy Stanley resent interview where he said the word of God should not to thought, proclaim from the pupit. I addressed Andy myself on my Blog here .

Matt Chandler – The Call to Preach

John 1:1-18: Some people are attacking the preaching of the word of God. That’s because there are some yahoo’s saying that preaching doesn’t work. But it is really all about selling books, drawing big crowds!

Exodus 3: If God is who He says He is, and He hears His people, and He is going to move to action. Then Moses had to ask the question, ”Why are you talking to me then?” Moses had to ask why would God chose him to do the things that He could simply do himself?

When God wants of move and flex He finds a herald and tells him ‘trust me, go and say what I want you to say, I’ll do the rest’

Jeremiah 1:4-10: God wants to speak His truth and spread the truth, but it comes through people. God chooses to use us as His heralds!
God does.

God’s method has not changed from the Old to the New Testament. He still uses man to herald truth.

You can improve on the gospel or the word of God. never make it cool enough for everyone.

Over and over in Acts it says “they preached the Gospel”

Matthew 28:18-20: Read prior to this, As He is ascending into Heaven there are still guys standing there saying they are not sure if He is really God. But, His departing words were to go and herald the truth! He sends them out to preach and teach. It is our calling!

This truly began to happen in the power of the Holy Spirit when Peter stood at Pentecost and proclaimed the Gospel and the Holy Spirit fell on the people.

It can be contextualization, but you will never make the Gospel cool and good to All people! Realize that you will waste time of that is your main Goal. That was not Peter’s objective when he spoke at Pentecost!

All through acts Paul preached the gospel without compromise and it moved and made a difference! The Gospel made a massive change in the city of Ephesus!

The Gospel, when proclaimed, will make waves and make an impact. There is a need for man to proclaim the Gospel. There is a need for pastors to preach the Word!

All through acts Paul preached the gospel without compromise and it moved and made a difference! The Gospel made a massive change in the city of Ephesus!

The Gospel, when proclaimed, will make waves and make an impact. There is a need for man to proclaim the Gospel. There is a need for pastors to preach the Word!

2 Timothy 3:10-16: We have to wake up and quit being surprised by the “silliness” of the state of the church in America. There will be sermons without the Bible, there will be falsehoods taught as fact, there will be arrogant and selfish people leading. There has never been a glory day! We must stay in touch with the Gospel. The truth in the Scriptures is what will make us fall in love with Christ and subject us to the persecution of the world! The people who stand against us may not try to kill us, but they will try to discredit us!

Moses got to lead griping championing people! Isaiah got to lead people who would hear. Jeremiah was sent to warn the people who wouldn’t heed the warning. But, God has called them to lead and speak…..So, they did. God used those men to impact the world. They just had to lead people. Things have not changed!

Preaching is not a game and it is not cute! You must work hard to keep from selling out! Do not compromise the truth of the Word and the Gospel! Do not sell out!!!!!!!

Timothy 3:16: We cannot leave out any of the Gospel. It is all profitable!

We must use the Bible! We must not be apologetic for this! We have to use the text. That is why God have it to us! Quit talking and preaching about nothing. use the word!

If you are not willing to call sin sin and point it out in the life of your people, you are a coward. You do not belong in the pulpit! Go do something else!

The scripture is used for the reproof, rebuking and correction of lives. We have to use this powerful tool for exactly what God intended it to be. That is the purpose of God’s Word. It is all God Breathed!

We have an obligation to take our people in to God’s Word and show them the truth that is found in it! We must make sure our people know the fullness of God’s Word. They need to know what is in there and how to live by it.

We have to use the Word for training in Righteousness. This is a huge must! We need to be striving for sanctification and holiness. The Word of God is used for training in righteousness. Where sin abounds, the Word is not being taught well!

We must be ready in season and out of season to preach the word! That mean we must be ready in and out of season to reproof, rebuke, train, etc!

Do this with patience. Do not hate your people, shepherd them even when it’s rough. 2 Timothy 4:2 That is one of the core center of our calling.

Many guys do not realize that this opens us up to a higher level of judgment!

Recognize that when the times comes when people turn away from sound teaching that you must remain sober-minded and just. Sick to the truth and do not compromise! Make sure you guard your heart and guard your mind. Otherwise you will be operating out of your gifts and not the power of the Holy Spirit. 2 Timothy 4

As a pastor/preacher you have to check your ego at the door. Be prepared for people to be bothered and for them to leave. Be there only to fulfill your ministry and your calling!

Be who God created you to be. Be the pastor He gifted you to be. Fulfill your ministry. Do not emulate another guy’s ministry. Don’t try to be like the other guys. Don’t try to be the next Billy Graham!

Simply this, if you’re called to be a pastor then Preach the Word!

We are here because someone entrusted truth to us and taught us the Word. This came through preaching and will continue through preaching. Preaching is a calling and a gift. It is a must in the proclamation and continuation of the Gospel!

Then Matt made a strong statement, said if you are not proclaiming the Word of God, get out of the pulpit. If you are not going to teach the Word of, then go home and withdraw your application from here! I liked his bold call to preach the Word of God, not heard enough today.

148342084 d7ad611ec8What kind of workers is Jesus looking, we read in Mat 9:39 He says “Pay the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”. In the verses prior to that verse we read that Jesus calls Matthew to “follow Him”, and He and the disciples eat a meal with sinners. Then Jesus goes about raising a girl from the dead, healing a woman who has been sick for 12 years, gives sight to a blind man and cast a demon out of a man. And after having modelled this to His disciples, He turns to them and says, pray for more help in the harvest, more workers to do what I just did, showed you to do. That’s the context for verse 39. This is what He is telling them to ask for help to do, the 38 verses prior and the next 42 verses of chapter 10 tell us to what the workers all to be called to do, what the field is and how to harvest it.

Then in chapter 10:1-9 He gives them the exact same authority to do what He had just be doing, to continue what He had just done. “And proclaim as you go, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons.” This is the kind of workers Jesus is looking for, and the type of work He has called His followers to.

1. Heal every disease and every affliction.

2. Cast out demons

3. Raise the dead

4. Make clean the unclean

5. And proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand (doing all of the above is the Kingdom at hand, being manifested on earth.

Notice only one has to do with talking and the rest have to do with demonstrating the power of God, manifesting the Kingdom on Earth. He is saying not only go out and share the word of the Kingdom but also do the work of the Kingdom. Something to think about.

character leaders

Characteristic of great leaders is imperative, it is the blueprint of how your function, the place from where you lead.


1. Know themselves: As leaders knowing what we’re good at and what we’re challenged by is equally important. It’s sometimes startling how often leaders lack a full sense of self awareness—which often becomes a major detailer in their careers. Take time to look deep into the mirror for your strengths and challenges.

2. Know others: Understanding how others think and what their strengths and challenges are is likewise critical. I have always made it a point to know my competitors, a habit I picked up in the restaurant business, I was always keenly aware of what my competition was doing. As well as I had to know the capabilities of every employee, as to how to make up the work schedule as to how many people I needed in each position and where to place them according to the business demand. The lessons I learned there apply to all business.

3. Know stuff: Seams simple enough, but leaders have to know the substance of their business. But I am so often surprised at how many times in the restaurant business at how many managers I meet who know nothing about food. Could not cook anything on their menu, but yet they are to lead and manage a food business. If you can not do it how can you 1. know it is being done right. 2. How can you tell some how to do it right? You can not. You can not expect people will respect or follow you if you do not know your business and especially your job.

4. Know how to learn: In a world that changes rapidly, if leaders have not learned how to keep up by programming in learning time, falling behind is easy and remaining relevant difficult at best. Be well read in your industry and position, read books, Blogs, take courses, keep up to date and what is new. Every leader expects their employees to be on the cutting edge even replace older workers with younger ones because the say they are more up to date, yet so many leaders will not put the same requirements on themselves.

5. Know how to teach: This is a leader’s primary functions is to ensure a successful future of his team. That can only be done by training and mentoring others to move into, up in the organization. The leader must take the lead, practice #4, contently learn and then teach that to your people, take responsibility for their growth. Lead them, a great leader must disciple his people, shepherd them, this is true for both business and the church.