Saddleback forum: Barack Obama vs John McCain

Saddleback forum: Barack Obama vs John McCain

After watching the Saddleback forum last night my position has not changed in the president election, “None of the Above” is still my choice, I cannot in good conscious vote for ether candidate.


Came off very well, was just two guys talking over coffee and him sharing his answers, was very cool and seemed at ease taking about things, came off very personal.

But I believe still is a closet Left Wing Liberal and although I like his positions on some things, I do not like his position a lot of things. I think he is the better man for the job as far as his presents, personality and his ability to articulate things, very intelligent and comes off that way when he talks (This is why I believe he is so Popular, his charisma much more than his position on things). He acts like a president and would be the far superior choice to represent the nation in dealing with other leaders of the world. But over all would take us in the wrong direction on most issues.


On the other hand came off like a politician, a infomercial salesmen trying to sell something with 30 sec sound bites, sometimes going off into unrelated stories promoting his position on something unrelated to the question at hand. Did not seam real or congenial in most of his answers. Felt like I was being sold something not a real person sharing who they where and what they where about. I Liked a few of his positions, but did not like a lot of them.

Even before this forum I did not like his persona, he is a hot head, a war monger and comes across as being a moron most of the time. (For example he made a comment last week about Russia invading Georgia, he said “In the 21st century countries to not invade and occupy other nations”, Hello Mr. I more hip on foreign affairs than the other guy, ever heard about Afghanistan and Iraq? Didn’t the US just do that!) I see him just being four more years of the mess that Bush has gotten this country in, lead the nation on the same self destructive path.

Can not believe that out of 300 million people this he is the best the republicans could come up with.

So bottom line my vote is “None of the Above” I will not be responsible for putting ether one in office and what they will do to this nation.

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