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“Blessed is the One Reading, ” Reading the Book Revelation

“Blessed is the One Reading, ” Reading the Book Revelation

0605130604bI am adding to my daily bible reading the book of Revelation, I have set the goal of reading through it this month. I plan to read through the book of Revelation twice this month, two chapters a day. From the Greek text I might add, I always read from the original text when I study any book of the bible be it Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic.

Why the book of Revelation you might asked, being it is the most unread book of the bible: Revelation 1:3 states “Blessed is the One Reading, and the Ones Hearing the Words of the Prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” There is a blessing that is promised to those who do these three things verse 3 mentions: read it (this include studying); hear it (includes agreeing with it); and keep it (includes acting on it).

I believe that Christ is not only returning, but returning in my lifetime, so as to equip myself for being a watchmen looking for His return, and to be one found ready when Christ returns by reading this book, this prophecy of Revelation, that I am agreeing with it and doing something about it, acting on it, that I might be found ready when my Lord returns. That the Day of His returning will not overtake me as a thief but instead I will be likened unto a bride who eagerly awaits her Bridegroom.

Why not join me.

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