Book Review: Career Comeback by Lisa Johnson Mandell

Book Review: Career Comeback by Lisa Johnson Mandell

career comback I was giving a copy of the book to review, although it is written for women the advice and principle apply to both sexes when it comes to career hunting in today’s economy. Two chapters are strictly for women when it comes to dress and presenting yourself, the rest are up to date advice on job hunting. She especially zeros in on the ‘”older” the over 40 crowed. She gives very good advice for “botoxing” your resume, updating it make your resume younger. In today’s job corporate world age discrimination is alive and well, and anyone who tells you different is under 35.

Anyone who is in the hunt for a new job, career, like myself will find her advice informative and helpful, women will get more out of the book than men. It’s not the new how to do manual, that has all you need to know. Or the one formula to get a new job, but you will get a lot of her book, especially if you have been out of the job hunting market for awhile, and even more so if you are in the 40 and over crowed.

So ladies if you are in need, looking for some fresh incite on job hunting and to freshen up you resume and want to make it anti-age proof, this book is worth a read.

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