Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Thomas Nelson newest book The Noticer by Andy Andrews. Is a great book, destined to not only be on the bestseller list but to be there for a while I’m sure.

In this book Andy Andrews tells about Jones and his life changing impact on his world around him through active observation giving him “perspective” on life that he was missing, not seeing. Jones shows us that having the right “perspective” in life is of the up most importance to living it right. Although this is a small book only 167 page I simply could not breeze through it, found myself stopping and contemplating what was just said in one of the stories and finding my own life in the pages.

I found myself and so much of my own life in the pages of this book, in almost every chapter, me that Jones was talking with. I would like to have met someone like Jones in my youth to have giving me such wisdom such as he gave Andy in the opening chapter.

This book not only made me think about my own life while reading this book, but made me think of others also, want to be a “noticer” in the lives of other just as Jones was, that I might offer the right “perspective”. Be their new best friend as Jones says, the one who hold others to a higher standard. And that takes living outside of yourself, loving your neighbor as yourself. Caring just as much that your neighbors marriage is working as your own. Caring about that person living under the pier not going anywhere in life just as much as where yours is going.

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