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I have found a third hero, person I would like to be, along with Gorge Muller and Jaeson Ma, his name is Ying Kai.

Ying Kai started and leasds one of the world’s most prolific disciple-making (T4T), church planting movements in the world.

He is a pastor in Asia who for many years was planting, starting a new church every year.

Then one day while praying God asked him what is better than planting churches?

God answered the question for him, “training others to plant churches”. Then God ask him, do you know what is better than training others to plant churches? Again God answered the question for him, “training others to train others to plant churches”.

So Ying began with 20 people with the goal to see 200 new churches planted in 3 years. Within a few weeks his students had 20 small groups going that where already becoming churches. Just 7 months later there where 327 small groups going with 4000 newly baptized believers in them. With in a year the movement had 908 new house churches with nearly 12,000 newly baptized believers. The following year saw 3,535 new churches planted with over 50,000 new baptisms. Some of the churches reproduced themselves 17 times in just 11/2 years.

By the end of the 3rd year another 104,000 baptisms and more than 9,000 new churches had been added. By 2008 nearly 2 million baptisms and more than 80,000 new churches and all in less than a decade.

Read on and learn how God worked through Ying Kai to spark a movement of over 1 million new believers . . .here


After reading a post about a church planter closing down his ‘church plant” this is what I noticed about it. He stated “We could have continued as a rogue small group or house church in the area, but frankly that has never interested us” Now I not accusing him of this but to me when I read a statement like that, I believe this person was not a true church planter, or they truly just do not know what a church is according to scripture.

First I see he had a church, whether he realize it or not God gave him a flock to shepherd, to feed, a body to disciple, but that appears to be not what he was really after. Greg Louie started with a bible study that went on for years before it moved into a building and became a “church” if you will, but he will argue it was a church when is was only him and a few people gathering at his place, today he has a church of 10,000, but now is 35 year later. And I can name a long list of others whom did the same thing, but they where faithful to what God gave them. (more…)

51610The Wall Street Journal published a resent article called “Learning From the Good Book For tips on starting a business, entrepreneurs might head to church“. It’s an article interviewing a couple of church planters about how they started their churches. And it goes on to give tips to entrepreneurs on how they can learn from churches how to start a profitable business.

The article explains churches as a business and the members are customer, the source of income. And give marketing practices used by churches to get new “customers” and make money off them.

What a sad testimony of the church in America, church is seen an nothing more than a for profit business venture, the pastor as a entrepreneur running a business. See it no differently than a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

Let’s compare that to what the people said about the church in Acts 2:43, “And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles.” The WSJ article said nothing like that, the reporter was not in “awe” at the many wonders and signs being done by the church. The reporter saw nothing that caused him to give glory to God, found no reason to credit God for what the churches where doing. He saw church as nothing more than a good business plan, not a God event.

From what the article said, God was not necessary to start and make church happen, the pastors where just using a good business model anyone can use for business. Even sadder is the pastors (church planters) gave no credit to God as being instrumental at all in building a church, the Holy Spirit was not a necessary element to make church happen. And Jesus, the head of the church, the one church is to be about was not even mentioned, not the foundation of the church, Jesus was not required to make church happen.

In Scripture the Greek word translated “awe” (phobos) is reserved for special times when people are struck with awe because of something divine or powerful that can’t be explained. That is how the church in Acts was viewed, that is how church should be seen. Divine, powerful beyond human ability to make happen.

No presence and power of God, no Holy Spirit, no Jesus, equals no miraculous, resulting in no awe.

No church should ever been seen by the world as a model for stating a money making business, but rather a place that they stand in awe of and say, their God is God. Say this is a work not by the hands of man but by the power and Spirit of the one and true God. Not something duplicable by anyone. The church ought to be able to instill awe in the community just as the first church did, with the power and presence of God.

42110Attended the Exponential 2010 Church Planting Conference via the Webcast of it from Orlando FL, heard a lot of good things from some great pastors I follow like Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Charles Lee, Ed Stetzer .

Efrem Smith brought down the house, he was amazing, first time I heard him speak, will not be the last time.

Thought I’d post my notes from the speakers.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from today that I tweeted out to my followers:


  • “No matter how small your church is you’re not too small to be a vehicle of compassion, mercy and justice to ur community.”
  • You must risk failure to become a stake holder in the outcome. Alan Hirsch
  • “Go be a Star Trek church planter….. go where no man has gone before” Efrem Smith
  • You can’t love Jesus and ignore or marginalize his Bride. @edstetzer
  • People don’t need to know more to be obedient – they need to be obedient to know more. – @Neil_Cole
  • We need a Kingdom-shaped view of the church, not a church-shaped view of the Kingdom ~ Reggie McNeal
  • Prayer is rebellion against the status quo. “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,”
  • Church marketing is a poor substitute for mission/ the Holy Spirit
  • Plant THE church, not A church. THE church is NOT a destination. Reggie McNeal #exponential
  • We need to be about Kingdom multiplication (more…)

2-11-10A Radical Experience

Attended the Radical Experience conference via the web cast today, it was hosted by Saddleback Church and Rick Warren. It was for pastors and church planters. Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Perry Nobel, Ed Stetzer and Andy Stanley where some of the speakers.

Heard some good things, Ed Stetzer did a good job of motivating church multiplication, church planting, gave 5 reason every church should be planting churches every year and they should be planting churches.

Rick Warren was on living on mission, he gave the top 5 problems of the world, and a list of the 5 things Jesus did, what His mission consisted of and how those 5 things are our mission. And then he showed how Jesus’ 5 acts of mission where the answer, solution to the 5 top problems of the world.

* Global Problem #1: Spiritual emptiness
* Spiritual emptiness causes conflict
* Global Problem #2: Corrupt leadership
* This means leaders don’t understand what being a leader means, you are either selfish or humble
* The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence
* Global Problem#3: Poverty
* Global Problem#4: Pandemic diseases
* We need leaders who say, “enough is enough” when it comes to diseases
* Global Problem #5: Illiteracy and lack of education

The 5 things Jesus did, His mission consited of

* Plant churches/promote reconicliation
* Equip servant leaders
* Assist the poor
* Care for the sick
* Educate the next generation

How does that deal with the 5 World Problems

* The only group that can answer these 5 Problem is the church
* Jesus preached reconciliation and he planted a church
* What kingdom leadership looks like (Matthew 20:25 – 26)
* Jesus assisted the poor
* Jesus cared for the sick
* Jesus educated the next generation
* Study Luke 10, Mark 9 and Matthew 10 is the P.E.A.C.E. Plan

The PEACE plan is ordinary people empowered by God, doing what Jesus did, together, wherever they are

This conference was about living out the mission of God today, as a pastor, a church planter, being a Christian on mission. The things I want to implement into my life daily.

Hundreds participate in Savannah Christian Church’s efforts to spread faith throughout the world.

"We want to be involved in church planting movements, specifically in places where the church is not established," Stewart said. "One of the ways we do that is by sending our people."

With nearly 6,000 worshippers a week, Savannah Christian hosts one of the largest missionary programs in the area.

In the past three years, the Chatham County mega church has placed more than 600 members in projects located in more than 20 countries.

About a dozen members have left the church this year to become full-time missionaries.

"We believe that when you study the Bible, this is what the church is called to be," Dave Stewart said. "It’s not an optional thing. It’s outreach to people who are hurting and lost."

As the Global Outreach pastor, Stewart leads a staff of four outreach assistants.

I applaud this churches heart for the mission of Jesus, say a big Amen, this should be every churches testimony, and I pray that many will be encouraged by their story and do the same.

Read the full story here. By Dana Clark Felty of the Savannah Morning News.

11-17-09 Last week there was quite a buzz around the internet social networks about a statement made by a well known pastor at a church leadership conference. He stated that they should focus on building a online church community rather than a brick and mortar church.

He stated that it is not necessary for people to attend a church, that being part of a “online church” is all that one needs as a Christian. That being part of a body as to in person, gather to gather face to face is not needed. That pastors should be moving from a live congregation to a virtual online congregation, church only. That’s the way to to church now, virtual community via the web, twitter is the way to do church fellowship.

I can not express how much that saddened me, to hear that the leadership, movers and shakers of the church world (the under 35 crowed) adapting that mindset. Seeking to do away with real church, biblical church. The gathering of the body is the heart of church, it’s very essence. Gathering together for fellowship, for each to exercise their Spiritual gifts for the good of the body is why we meet, to build up one another, encourages each other, brake bread, share a meal, lay hands on each other and pray, lest see them do that online, in less than 140 characters.

So for him church is only a 30 min feel good sermon that you pay 10% of your income to listen to on line. This just does not set right with me. I’m a community person, fellowship is a necessity, so I guess people like me, people who believe the scriptures will just have to go elsewhere than “virtual church” in the near future for that.  

geneva push Yes, there is a new a church planting movement, this one in Australia called The Geneva Push? (news story here). I do not quite get the name, what does the name Geneva have to do with Australia anyway, when I saw the name I immediately thought of Geneva Switzerland, as I’m sure most people did.

With that said, I must protest, Another church planting movement? I think we have to many now, all I have to say about them is enough, stop already. Speaking as one who has been part of a couple of them, we do not need them, they are just excuses to do nothing. To set around and talk about what we have already been told to be an active part of. Commissioned to Go and participate in.

First off we do not plant churches, that is Jesus job, He said so (Mat 16:18). It is done by the work of the Holy Spirit. We are invited to participate, we have a part to play in doing it. Preach the Gospel, make disciples, Baptize and teach the Word of God. There it is, meeting over. Then Jesus said when the Spirit has come “You will receive power”, Go, He has come, you have the power, so just Go. The power of the Holy Spirit trumps anything any man can give me in a meeting, any thing on earth in fact.

The only meeting we need to attend is fellowship with the Holy Spirit, to be in prayer daily, talking with God, getting our orders for the day. Walk with Christ, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and GO do what we where told to do. Yes it is that simple.

I think we need more daily meeting with God, walking in the Spirit and doing as Nike says “Just Do It”.

Church is to look more like a family than a corporation!

Starting, Planting a Church is about relationships, church is all about relationships. The relationship between God and His church, Jesus and His bride, and the body/church with each other. Then there is the relationship with the world, but the church must first be built on it’s relationship with God, Jesus and each other, that’s its foundation, core and heart of what it is. Jesus said the the body, His church would be recognized by the peoples love for one another, that sounds like a family to me not a business. Too often churches come with nicely packaged systems, programs and curriculums to start the church. It is easy to think that great marketing tricks will somehow build up the church. But the reality is that no matter how good the packaging might be, it really comes down to the time and investment made into relationships. Its about crating a family of passionate lovers of God and each other not only in words, but in deeds. It’s about being a family, living together as one, one family in Christ.

When the church gathers it should look/function more like Thanksgiving dinner with the Walton’s or the Huxtable’s, than a stockholders meeting at IBM or Apple.

There is the famous saying in business, “It’s not personal, it’s business” but you see church is personal, it’s all about getting personal. Therefore you cannot use a business model to start, build or run a church, church planters, pastors take note “It’s not business, it’s personal

The church is to be build on love and relationships, to function as and look like a family, a family deeply in love with each other, with God our Father and Jesus our Lord and savior.

25 church planters Assemblies of God church has published a list of  “25 Groundbreaking Church Planters.”  This is not just a listing of church planters but their stories as well. A good read just for their stories, I would not say this is the list of 25 groundbreaking church planters because I would use a much different formula for determining who was groundbreaking, and of course it would not be limited to AG churches.Being that I am in no way associated with the AG I have  only heard of a couple of these guys myself.

You can download the PDF by clicking here 25_GROUNDBREAKING PLANTERS.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.