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Here are some of my live tweets from the Innovation 3 conference. I really enjoyed it, got a lot out of it. There where a lot of things I heard, new directions people what to take church, way to do church that I totally disagreed with, but there was a lot of good things. Meet some really amazing people there, that am starting a relationship with. I also gained 20 new followers on my twitter account from it.

# Innovation 3 is over, was great, heard a lot of inspiring talks. Now go and do like wise, I say to myself, put feet to what I heard. 1:12 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Matt Carter: Jesus called disciples to Himself and He did two things: He called them to Himself and He called them to mission.” 12:54 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Neil Cole Every church will be judged by the quality of your disciples. relationships not programs are to be the focus. #I3 12:51 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Matt Chandler “Must decide and be confidant that the scriptures are sufficient; scriptures are THE story.” #i3 12:47 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Matt Chandler – effective cultural engagement requires gospel and doctrinal accuracy. #i3 12:40 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# John Jenkins – are you just doing church stuff or doing something that meets a need and builds the kingdom. #i3 12:38 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Neil Cole: “Jesus didn’t say you [people] will build the church. He said I [Jesus] will build my church.” 12:35 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# neil cole “When you realize who Jesus is you’ll do everything different.” #i3 12:34 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# India started decade at 2% Christian. by end of the decade it’ll be 10%. that’s equal to 80 million people. the US will end on a decline #i3… 12:12 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Greg Holder – I have heard too may people say they have been lied to in Jesus name, made promises not kept. #i3 12:01 PM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Reggie McNeal: #i3 “Jesus didn’t say, ‘I have come to give you church and give it more abundantly.'” 11:58 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# The Church being a connector–I just got goose bumps. 11:57 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# “Under the theology of the cross, we can take risks because we remove ourselves from the equation.” Mark Driscoll #i3 11:51 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# “Failure is not measured by success…but faithfulness.” Mark Driscoll #i3 11:51 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# “you may just fail. are you okay with that? You’ll still have Jesus, and that’s enough” Mark Driscoll #i3 11:50 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg, interview, It is easy to look at other peoples lives from the outside and not see their brokenness, we are all broken #i3 11:45 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# @charlestlee Loved your interview Charles, would love to spend a week, OK make it a year working next to you learning. 11:32 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox in reply to charlestlee
# dawn Nicole, teens are always a head of the curve on social media and its uses, they get it. #i3 11:29 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# dawn nicole – sharing how text messaging is a good 4 churches 2 use 2 reach other, even sermon notes during the service. #i3 11:27 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Going after un-churched, a mind set of just get people in to church. vs going after the unsaved, goal, getting people saved. #i3 11:19 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# only 3% of American churches are growing by conversion. Something very wrong, things must change!!! #i3 11:16 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# 80% of churches in America are plateaued or declining – John Bishop I3 11:14 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Charles Lee, Instead of putting on an event to get people to come 2 it, find where the people are and go there to them. #i3 11:11 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Charlest Lee, We want to listen first and found out what God is already doing, and then find creative ways to support it. #i3 11:06 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# #i3 Charlest Lee, God was at work in your community, the world before you, God is already at work, He just waiting for us to join Him 11:04 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# #i3 Charlest Lee founder of One being interviewed. Do not think I am bringing God to the community, but I am joining God in what He is doing 11:02 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Twitter, Facebook and other social media are the new frontier for both reaching and communicating with people. #i3 10:08 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# We need 2 partner with other churches & ministries. Join in what God is already doing. Chandler #i3 10:08 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Brake out groups. “In the church planting movement, it’s not about having enough money, it’s about leadership” @gregsurratt #i3 9:53 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Social justice apart from the gospel means you are the Peace Corps. Well said by Matt Carter @ # i3 9:32 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# “Whatever makes you cry, that’s where your calling is”. Stacy Spencer at innovation 3 9:27 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# the @innovation3 conference, on lunch break. 8:39 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# @DiscoveryHouse, yes, both are inner woven together, true discipleship happens by dong life together which must be done in unit. 8:32 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox in reply to DiscoveryHouse
# John Bishop #i3 Too many churches see people as a tool and not a part of God’s story. John has left the stage, worship band on stage. 8:29 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# #i3, I personal believe the US church focus on money is a sin, China the largest church in the world, that is exploding operates w/ no money 8:24 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# John Bishop #i3, We must listen to the HS as to who to speak to and what to say, we do not need to candy coat what we say just follow the HS 8:13 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Apologize in advance for all of the tweets; I’m live blogging the @innovation3 conference 8:12 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# John Bishop #i3, sometimes church plans trump God’s, not good. The church has become a country club. 8:10 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Bob Roberts #i3 the rest of the world church focuses on the Holy Spirit, the US church focuses on the pragmatics, money, buildings, programs 8:02 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Bob Roberts #i3, when we see in the news the bad stuff going on, that’s God saying ‘Over here church. 7:58 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Bob Roberts #i3, in the bible & China today, accepting Christ was a dangerous decision, they are ready to die for Christ, not just add Him 7:56 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Bob Roberts #i3, if we would follow the great commission we would turn the world upside down. What does it mean to make disciples? 7:54 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Bob Roberts #i3, the global church is exploding and they have none of our stuff, while the US church is declining, somethings wrong 7:51 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Bob Robers #i3, the global church is exploding and they have not of our stuff, while the US church is declining, somethings wrong 7:48 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg #i3 The US is no longer a church culture, so risk and innovation are a must. 7:44 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg #i3, Risk comes with failure , the biggest thing that stands in the way of innovation is fear. God says do not be fearful. 7:41 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg #i3, a good leader is never threaten by the gifts of other, but encourage them in using them to the fullest. 7:34 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg #i3, A Leader must be very educated in what the spiritual gifts are, and how to recognize them. 7:33 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg #i3, passion vs humbleness, you do not chose between the two, it is living in the tension between the two. 7:31 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Nancy Ortberg #i3, must learn to activate spiritual gifts with out elevating them.
# Nancy Ortberg #i3 is on stage now #i3, the Gospel is always provocative. leadership is more about managing tensions than solving problems. 7:28 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Eds Stetzer #i3, more ministry based evangelism will define the dangerous church. 7:24 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Eds Stetzer #i3, only 3.5% people in the last year have showed measurable spiritual growth. Churches must learn to network, work together. 7:22 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Eds Stetzer #i3, the reformed and emerging movement have same goal, define what is a evangelical church is. 7:19 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Eds Stetzer #i3, we are in a post seeker era, there are no seekers out there, church must drop the seeker format. 7:17 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Eds Stetzer #i3, Church must have a biblical church must have biblical justification for what it believes. 7:15 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Ed Stetzer #i3. Sexual brokenness is a big issue to be addressed, as well as porn. The church that does not address these things is out. 7:12 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Eds Stetzer What does a dangerous church look like? #i3 7:07 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Ed Stetzer taking the stage now, Marks of the biblical church, got to Love Ed #i3 7:06 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox
# Taking in Innovations 3 church leadership conference, worship just stating with Robbie Seay band. Looking forward 2 days sessions & speakers 6:56 AM Jan 28th from TwitterFox

Francis Chan made a recent post that all I can say is he hit it on the head, read my mind and said what’s in my heart. I could not have said it any better.

“Is there any logic in believing that God started His Church as a Spirit-filled, loving body with the intention that it would evolve into entertaining, hour-long services? Was he hoping that one day people would be attracted to the Church not because they care for one another, not because they are devoted to Him, not because the supernatural occurs in their midst, but because of good music and entertainment?”

Try to imagine what conclusions you would come to if you had no prior church experience. The things in church services might make sense to the American church-attendee, but they don’t make sense biblically.

Picture yourself on an island with only a Bible. You’ve never been to a church-you’ve never even heard of one. The only ideas you have about church are what you’ve read in your Bible. Then you enter a building labeled “church” for the first time. What would you expect to experience as you entered that building? Now compare that to what you actually experience when you attend church.”

The question is would you except what you would find in the church as a substitute for what you saw in the bible? Or demand the real deal, hold out for, keep looking for the biblical church?

“Something real was happing in the early Church. It was something of the Spirit, too powerful to be replicated by human effort. Imagine taking a friend to one of their church gatherings. Your friend might not experience a smoothly run, professional service. But one thing he would experience: God. Do we even need to ask which is better? So much of church growth today has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. The right team of talented people can make any church grow. When people sit through creative services, is it really God they’re experiencing?

I’m just asking you to be willing to rethink what you’re doing and ask: How can we create a more biblical environment where people see and experience God?”

Read the full interview here

How is it today that the preaching the Gospel has come to be reserved to pastors behind the pulpit and inside the walls of a church building! When it was never meant to be confined to a building, Jesus taught His followers something quite different, to proclaim it everywhere they go, even from the rooftop.

What if pastors like Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Pete Wilson, Perry Noble, Miles McPherson and Francis Chan, took their gift of teaching and passion for preaching out into the world, to those who really need to hear the message of the Kingdom of God? What if all pastors like these awesome teachers uses their gift the way the disciples and Paul did among the lost just as did some of the greatest preachers of old like Charles Spurgeon, Dwight Moody, John Wesley and so many others. These great preachers went where the people where and didn’t stay within the four walls of the church building!

The only preacher that I know about personally today who even comes close is Greg Laurie who regularly does his Harvest Crusades. Reaching 10’s of thousands with the gospel. He has use his gift outside the walls of the church building, but I am not thinking of just something that grand in a stadium, but something done daily in every day places as well.

So this is my challenge to pastors and all like the greatly gifted pastors above who can deliver the gospel so effectively. What if we went back to the likes pastor of the past like above. These men of the pulpit that spent their week days and nights in the bars, social halls, dining halls, school campuses and street corners preaching the gospel. And then where in the pulpit of a church on Sunday filled with the repented sinners they reach preaching outside the church that week. They spent their days about what they knew to be the real business of church, reaching the lost, perching to the lost where ever they where. Like Jesus, the disciples and Paul they went into he world, where the lost are.

I challenge you all to spend your week, every week out and about proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Not where all the Christians are, not even with the un-churched Christians are but rather where the un-believers are, the unsaved sinners, the God haters, the drunks, the harlots, the gang members, everywhere anywhere the lost are, anywhere they gather.

Let history read your life story like the great pastors of old, how you empted the streets, the bars into the church buildings.

Converts to What? – Writes Stetzer:

I continue to see movements gaining traction among Christians that do not seem to have many converts. In other words, they have recruits to their cause, but few converts to Christ. And, I am concerned. I am concerned that in the name of “fixing the Church” we are not proclaiming the Church’s gospel.

… So, my Reformed friends, let’s not only read 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John (that is, John Calvin, John MacArthur, and John Piper), let’s go plant some more churches. My emerging church friends, let’s take a pause from the theological rethink and head into the neighborhood and to tell someone about Jesus. My missional friends, let’s speak of justice, but always tell others how God can be both “just and justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.” My house church friends, let’s have community, but let’s be sure it is one focused on redemption. My Baptist friends, let’s focus more on convincing pagans than Presbyterians. And, my charismatic friends, let’s focus less on getting existing believers to speak in tongues and more on using our tongue to tell others about Jesus …

If you want to convince me (and the body of Christ) to your cause, you must show me it is a better way. You must tell and show something different. You must not just protest what is, but you must show me what should be.

Books I would reckomend to everyone to read.


Total Church – This small manual for doing church was surprisingly insightful and winsome to me. They cover a wide range of topics that are all essential for healthy church life. I love the focus on Gospel and community. This is must read for all church leaders.


The Mission of God – What is God’s agenda in the world? You’ll find it clearly and exhaustively articulated in this tome from Dr. Chris Wright. I would say this book should also be required reading for all Christians. A bit longer than most want to tackle, but the blessing will be enormous. Those of us who are passionate about the gospel will want to consume this book as it convincingly articulates God’s heartbeat from cover to cover of the Bible.

Death By Love – I have not actually read this book yet (on the list for 2009), but I have read enough excerpts to know that this book is certainly one that you will want to pick up and check out. Mark shows how the gospel applies to a variety of different and challenging pastoral situations.

Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost have written a new book, Rejesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church, in which they call the church to “reconfigure itself,” and “recalibrate its mission, around the example and teaching of the radical rabbi from Nazareth.”

Here is an interview with Alan Hirsch on this new book, it is an interesting read, check it out.

Church Leadership Book Interview: Alan Hirsch

I am Looking in 2009 for a Unstoppable church to be part of, the church seen in the book of Acts. I am looking for a church filled with passionate people, a people who are passionate about God. Passionately in love with Jesus, who’s love can not be contained.

A people, a church that says and lives like you can reticule me, imprison me, stone me, torture me, kill me, nail me to a cross, do what ever you want, I will hot stop. Even in the mist of doing these things to me I will praise and worship the Lord, I will still proclaim His word to you, announcing the Kingdom of God, we will not be stopped. Because we found a love greater than life its self and we will not be stopped, for us to live is to live for Christ alone.

I want to be part of a people who are striving side by side to proclaim the gospel. Nothing can cause them to shut up, keep them from talking about Jesus, they do not care if they get beat up, thrown in prison, fired, or killed. Like Paul they are unstoppable, like the first church they are a unstoppable force. A people who are striving together for the gospel, for the kingdom of God, for Jesus. A people that says I would rather be tortured and put to death for the cause of Christ, spreading the gospel than retire at an old age with a fat 401K.

A people who says I must be like, live like Jesus. I must be in a church like the one in the book of Acts, have church like they did, live like they did, turn the world upside down like they did.

A people who believe Jesus when He said unless you are willing to pick up a cross and be crucified together, if you can do that then you can follow me. If you are not willing to do that you are not worthy to be my disciples.( Mat 10:38, Mat 16:24, Luke 14:27 )

I burn to be part of a unstoppable church like the first century church, the underground china church today. I want to be part of something like that, a people like that.

A church that knows what Paul said is true that it has been granted, given to us that we are to suffer just as Jesus did, live with the same conflict Paul did. (Php 1:29-30)

Frances Chan has the same passion for this kind of church, life, he explains it very well, listen to his message, download it here .

I so desire to find such a church this year, be part of a people like that.

Alan Hirsch considers himself a “missional activist”. This article from is a helpful read aimed at bringing definition to what being missional really means. I think it’s a good reminder that churches that use an “attractional” weekend service are becoming less and less effective as the pace of cultural change increases. Do you have any examples of churches that prove or disprove the theory? Follow the link for the full article.

The attractional model, which has dominated the church in the West, seeks to reach out to the culture and draw people into the church—what I call outreach and in-grab. But this model only works where no significant cultural shift is required when moving from outside to inside the church. And as Western culture has become increasingly post-Christian, the attractional model has lost its effectiveness. The West looks more like a cross-cultural missionary context in which attractional church models are self-defeating. The process of extracting people from the culture and assimilating them into the church diminishes their ability to speak to those outside. People cease to be missional and instead leave that work to the clergy.

Defining Missional |

From: J Colber

Because the population is growing and church attendance isn’t, even the number of church in America is declining at an accelerated rate. It Seems like We are in a significant trend towards POST-CHRISTENDOM (some would say DUH, others resist the notion) — YET, mega churches are everywhere.

This is a interesting read about mega Churches.

Read the full article at Out of Ur…

Just heard Brian Houston statement of his vision of what church is. And it inspired and motivate me, it fired me up because this is the is the church I long for, burn with passion for. (I added two personal additions in parentheses.)

“The church that I see is a church of influence. A church so large in size that the city and nation cannot ignore it.

A church growing so quickly that buildings struggle to contain the increase, (so it multiplies and spreads across the city, nation, and world).

I see a church whose heartfelt praise and worship touches heaven and changes earth. Worship which influences the praises of people throughout the earth exalting Christ with powerful songs of faith and hope.

I see a church whose alters are constantly filled with repentant sinners responding to Christ’s call to salvation.

The church that I see is so dependent on the Holy Spirit that it moves only in unison with it, that nothing will stop it not stand against it.

A church whose people are unified, praying and full of God’s Spirit.

The church that I see has a message so clear that lives are being changed forever and potential is fulfilled though the power of His Word. A message beamed to the peoples of the earth through their television screens.

I see a church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving and friendly circle of hope, where answers are found and acceptance is given.

I see a people so kingdom-minded that they will count whatever the cost and pay whatever the price to see revival sweep this land.

The church that I see is a church to committed to raising, training and empowering a leadership generation to reap the end-time harvest that all its ministries are consumed with this goal.

I see a church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit, (foundation is the word of God) and whose focus is the Great Commission.”

This is the church the disciples started and built, the one Jesus ordained and spoke of, that we see in scripture. Every pastor, church planter, every Christian should take note, take this to heart, be their blueprint for church.