I have a grape vine in my backyard that I planted about 6 years ago, it has never produced mature grapes yet, the last three years it started to get grapes, little ones. But they just died off, never becoming mature grapes. The vine its self got massive, stretching out all over the place. But no fruit. I pruned it back a little every year, mostly just where it was over growing.

So this winter out frustration on taking up some much space by the gate and walkway, and never producing grapes. I cut it back to a mere stump, two feet high at best. I friend told me he heard that was what I needed to do, so I did. Well spring has come and every things else has spring up, leafed out and is green. Even some wild vines in the back. But my grape vine, nothing, I was afraid I killed it, it looked like a dead stump. (more…)

I had two dreams this weekend that I wish, pray are prophecies.

On Friday night I dreamed that a girl, that I have no idea who she was and I got together under a wired circumstance. And she was a FBI agent, and due to the strange circumstance we got together I ended up with three million dollars. And her and I ended up in India, first we where feed the hungry, using the money to feed starving people.

Then we, using her skills as an FBI agent we raided brothel and where rescuing girls, children from human trafficking.

Woke up wishing it was true being these are 3 things I want to do, go over sea’s, feed the hungry and rescue girls out of human trafficking. Should say four things, the girl too, a wife, and ministry partner.

Then on Saturday night I dreamed that I was someone where and a buddy of mine from an old church plant and I meet up somewhere. And he was going to Israel and said he had a ticket from me to go with him, and so we went.

Something else I want to do, go to Israel, for many reasons, to see and preach the gospel.

I so much want both of those dream, no exactly as the first one was, it had a strange beginning, but the second half of it, yes, they really are dreams of mine.


This photo from Japan just broke my heart, emotionally I broke down and cried with her, I see the pain in her heart, feel her pain in my very being.

I connected with her, felt her pain because it touched the pain inside of me. When I look at her setting among the runs, only debris left of what was her life, overwhelmed by the loss of everything. Hopeless after such a catastrophic event that in a few short minutes took everything away.

I see myself in this photo, only difference is the earthquake has hit and taken much and now the tsunami is coming. Barring down on me about to take everything away and leave me like her, alone, among the rubble of what was once my meager life, with nothing, not even hope left of a what could be.

Even though with each passing week God seems to deliver me messages of hope, that everything will work out, every Sunday I have gotten timely and related messages as to my life situation. Words given to me in one way or another and then expounded on by others as if to conferem the word was from God to me. But yet the approaching tsunami is relentless in its coming, closer every day, it has not relented in its coming and what it will do. Nothing has changed, no soultion to stop the coming end.

And if it hits, their is no help, no hope, all that will be lost cannot be rebuild or replaced. Life will not go on, there will only be as in this photo, me alone among complete and utter destruction. Because it will also take away all hope of what could be, any chance of a real life, one worth living anyway. Like her I will be sitting on the street alone among what little I had scattered on the ground around me.

It’s total in God’s hand now (as it always has been), only He can stop it, change things, help me. I have walked in faith believe He would work things out, that everything would work out, life would come, that it would not come to this end. I have stood on His promises, believing He will keep them. But time is running out now. I accept His will, surrender to Him and His will for me, what ever that is.

I do not know what became of this young girl, but I prayed for her, that God would be with her and comfort her, I know her pain and no one should ever have to feel it.


Someone I am connected with on Facebook just announced this week they are deleting their FB account this week their reason echoed a message I heard on Sunday. One of the reasons they are deleting their account,

“I want to deepen in real friendship and community not chase dopamine bursts of false significance.”

He said when he compared his pre-social media and his post-social media life he did not like what he saw. And I agree with his challenge for us to do the same. (more…)

I took a brake from blogging in August, to much going on, and to much going on inside my head. Re-evaluating so many things, that I really did not want to blog from where I have been lately emotionally.

60110After having deciding to take last month off from blogging, I’m back. Needed to reboot, so many things going with me right now. A lot of turmoil both internally and externally. Been very busy all month putting in 12 hour days on a project, getting home exhausted.

I hope with in a week to be back into the swing of blogging, but with a new attitude and purpose.

51410I took off the last 10 days from blogging and twitter (except for an tweet here and there) to do some revaluating of both. Doing some serious examination of both and their use.

In the last couple of years, I have become increasing disturbed by what is going on in the American church, by so many claiming to be Christian, and it has only grown worse the past few months. There has been so much of what I can only call junk and noise filling the air. I have grown in anger at all the corrupt doctrine being proclaimed by so many people on twitter, in their blogs, in books and by churches, i.e their pastors.

So I have reached the following conclusion to eliminate many people from my twitter list. And have eliminated all but a hand full of blogs that I will now read. I will no longer read books other than by trusted pastors and Christians I know and respect. I am eliminating the noise from my life. As the apostle Paul said, “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Gal 1:8

But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it readily enough.” 2Co 11:3-4

I must eliminate the noise from my life, and so I am. There is to much of another gospel being preaching in the American church. To many are proclaiming another Jesus, having received another spirit they have become wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I will go more in to specifics later, so I am eliminating all the bad and corrupted teaching and proclaimers of it. And I will be refocusing my blog and what and why I twitter. And I will be following a fewer people on twitter, and reading very few blogs.

I am stopping all the noise.

You might ask what I am specificity talking about, more on that later.

reactor buscard b reactor buscard f

What possible may be  the world’s most expensive business card, of course has been crated by my friend Clifo for his Reactor Studio, where he creates EPIC brands! The new card uses 3 different papers layered together, fluorescent inks, metallic inks, laser die-cutting, 3 traditional die cuts, thermography, and even a hidden design fortune that pulls out of the center of the card. They spent two months designing and engineering the card and worked with the five different vendors required to pull this off. Cliff always believed in the power of the business card as a way to create the ultimate first impression. There card is also the ultimate portfolio piece, a showcase of what they can do.

If you are in need of a new business card and do not want the hum-drum sock look, talk with Cliff and see what he can create for your company image.

Check out the Reactor Studio Website for more info on what they can do and see some of their other work.


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Wanted: Volunteers to help the poor, needy homeless; Only those perfect and sinless need apply!

That could be, really should be how ministries advertise now days.

While exploring the opportunities to volunteer at a shelter or some other ministries this Thanksgiving I was disappointed to discover that was not possible to do. Why. Because if I so wished to do so I need to have “applied” to do so weeks ago, due to the fact that the places I talked to require that you fill out a multi-page application, the same type as one does to apply for a job today, say like the FBI. And you must apply early enough that they may do all the required background checks, you know your credit report, driving record, criminal record, tax records and currant and past employers and 5 references of course.

OK, I was not seeking employment, only to help the needy on Thanksgiving, and what dose ones credit score and driving record have to do with one helping the needy, spending the day serving food to the needy. I was both socked and enraged at the whole process. Even thou I can pass their screening, its not of God to do this, to say God only uses, wants sinless (according to mans definition) people to serve Him.

I have come to this conclusion, I will not support in any way, financially or with my time as a volunteer any organization that believes that great men of God such as King David, Moses, Mary Magdalene (none would have passed a background check , two where even where murders.

Nor would any former prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves and such, the very ones whom made up the first church. Even Jesus Himself would have failed there app process, after all He was unemployed, homeless, He had no place to lay His head (bad credit score). Even the very ones Jesus picked to be His disciples, the ones that He invited not only into His Kingdom but to be His workers, builders of His Kingdom, could not pass the application process.

If King David, Moses, Paul, even Jesus are not allowed there, as far as I concerned neither do I. You see if Jesus where to apply today, He would have a criminal record, He is by today’s standard a convicted felon and would have a rap sheet. Any place that does not what Him, I want nothing to do with.

Jesus pick Mary Magdalene (a former prostitute, someone with a criminal record) to serve Him, be close to Him, the Pharisees and Sadducees rejected her, told her to get out. Even confronted Jesus for letting such a person in their mists, today the ministry leaders are just the same, justify their actions just as the Pharisees and Sadducees did. And Jesus response was her and her kind would enter the Kingdom of God before they would, His words still ring true today.