dirty water 4 Dig a Well, Go to Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, East Africa

Over one billion people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide. Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly. Some 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. Tens of millions of others are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable.

More than 1.5m children under five die each year because they lack access to safe water and proper sanitation. Every day water-related diseases claim the lives of 5000 children under the age of five. That’s roughly one every 15 seconds. Households in rural Africa spend an average of 26% of their time fetching water, and it is generally women who are burdened with the task.

If one million Christ followers where to go for 7 day each over the next year they would dig enough wells to end the water crises.


Part 7 in the series

Preach the Gospel, To All the World.

Jesus told His followers in Mark 16:15 “And He said to them, Go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to all the creation.” despite Satan’s influence on people in the church who introduced the doctrine in the 90’s of Not sharing the gospel with others. That people by simply by being around you through osmoses will become followers of Christ. Even thou all references to witness or witnessing in the book of Acts are public, verbal proclamation of the gospel outright. Jesus never taught or instructed His disciples to anything other than out right proclaim the gospel. There is never the concept in Scripture that witness can be private or simply lived out, but rather something to be proclaimed, shouted from the house tops.

Romans 10:14 tells us “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without preaching?” It is the job of every follower of Christ, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to all of the world. With words, with the actual gospel of Jesus. Do not listen to others, people who tell you not to share Christ, not to proclaim the gospel, just live a “good” life and others will get saved with out a word spoken. (Note, in order for your life to be an actual witness as they say, to reveal Jesus and the gospel, you must be living a life of obedience to Christ, and imitating His life. Which means you must be verbal sharing, proclaiming the Gospel, just as Jesus did and said to do. It’s a catch 22.)

In Luke 15:10 Jesus says ““…I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” how can anyone who is a follower of Christ not want to be part of that. Be part of an act that brings so much joy to all of heaven. This is what the Gospel is all about, why Jesus came and walked among us, what He sent His followers to do, Preach the gospel, so Go and proclaim the gospel to the world!

Chose this day to live, be like Philip in Act 8: 26-40. We read in Act 8:35 “Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus.” Chose this day to live like him, to Go out into the world with that intent, to share on purpose. Only you can chose to live like that, be like him.

Part 5

Things I never would have imagine seeing in my life time.

That General Motors, GM would file for bankruptcy. This company was the largest corporation in the world for decades (#1 tell 2001 with a couple of years exceptions). The slogan once was “What’s good for GM is good for the nation.” (ironically that may still be true)

That the US government would be dependent on Communist China to loan it money to enable it to continue operating.

That I would need a passport to visit Mexico and Canada.

That we would get ourselves into anther Vietnam war, two at the same time to be precise.

That churches would lift up as a roll model for young girls a soft porn model, Miss California who definds her right to do nude riskay photos as a Christian, that it is OK for Christian girls to do it.

That churches would be defending Gay marriage, with just as many supporting Gay marriage as oppose it. See Prop 8 in Ca.

That churches would ordinate Gays as pastors and endorse homosexuality as a acceptable life style, excepting them and their lifestyle into the church.

That the leading abortion doctor would be an active member of a church, and call himself a Christian. See Doctor George Tiller.

county gentlemanI found an old copy of the magazine Country Gentlemen from March 1951 and there was a full page ad in it from the Institute of Life Insurance, that well could be run today. And I could not help but wonder if the state of our economy would of gotten into the dire straits that it is in today, or “state of Emergency” as the article refers to if people had been doing these 6 things the last 58 years. Especially numbers 2, tell the government to be on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.” that is do not borrow money and 6, “We must buy only what we need” A.K.A cut up credit cards and stop unnecessary spending, both the people and the government.

“We are in a state of Emergency. We must build our military strength – and, at the same time, we must keep our economy strong for the long pull. Inflation bleeds both.”

1. We must increase production in order to meet defense needs and, at the same time, provide civilian necessities. Up to now peacetime demands have kept production at full blast. Of course we’ve got to reduce civilian demands. Even then it is only through increased production that we can meet this double need and also help keep prices from rising. Government, business and labor should discourage wage and profit increases which primarily increase prices without increasing production.

2. We must support increased taxes to put our government, as nearly as possible, on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Paying higher taxes is not only cheaper for all of us in the long run but it helps to hold down prices now.

3. We must insist that our government cut non-military expenditures to the bone. Every dollar so cut is an added dollar for the defense effort without extra taxes or borrowing.

4. We must accept curbs on credit. Credit restriction help assure the supply of materials needed for defense, and help keep prices down, buy reducing competition for these materials.

5. We must increase our savings. We we put money into savings or investments, we cut the demand for civilian goods and make that money available for investment so businesses and factories can increase production. This helps check inflation. When we lend our savings to the government, to that degree we make it unnecessary for the government to borrow from the banks, and that kind of borrowing is inflationary.

6. We must buy only what we need, using credit as sparingly as possible. Otherwise we bid against ourselves for scarce goods, and that pushes prices up.

social mediaMore and more each passing week I come to see and believe that one must master, use and posses three things in the future in order be both social connected, plugged into the world. As well as necessary for corporate America. Here are the three must do/haves to be connected.

1. One must use, be integrated in the Web social media tools Twitter, Facebook and Linkin, or some form of such, what ever my come down the pike as the new media. And one must Blog, as I have read many career coaches say, you Blog is the new resume.

And one must go mobile, in order that one may keep connect to their network of social platforms. But white collar job’s more and more monthly now require you to be portable, connected to the Web and the phone system where every you are, all the time.

So, that leads to number 2 & 3.

2. You must use a smart phone, not just a cell phone but a smart phone, such as a iphone, that you have Web, email access at all times. As well as to keep connected to your social media, Twitter what you are eating at dinner.

3. You must have and be able to use a laptop computer.

I already have my foot hold in the social-net-ism, I have a personal Web site, two social action Web sites I maintain. Write two Blogs, one for personal and ministry, one for career/business. I have a Facebook and Linkedin account and Twitter my daily activities (an in a host of other’s).

For example several people I twitter with just did overseas mission trips to India, Africa one is Europe as I write this, and they keep all of us updated nearly hourly through twitter and by blogging. Pastor Pete Wilson on his African visit two months ago even still did his Sunday sermon from an African village va his laptop and Web cam.

So prepare yourself for the new way of doing life and business, get, learn and connect to the way to be social and do work in the 21 century.

NoticerThomas Nelson newest book The Noticer by Andy Andrews. Is a great book, destined to not only be on the bestseller list but to be there for a while I’m sure.

In this book Andy Andrews tells about Jones and his life changing impact on his world around him through active observation giving him “perspective” on life that he was missing, not seeing. Jones shows us that having the right “perspective” in life is of the up most importance to living it right. Although this is a small book only 167 page I simply could not breeze through it, found myself stopping and contemplating what was just said in one of the stories and finding my own life in the pages.

I found myself and so much of my own life in the pages of this book, in almost every chapter, me that Jones was talking with. I would like to have met someone like Jones in my youth to have giving me such wisdom such as he gave Andy in the opening chapter.

This book not only made me think about my own life while reading this book, but made me think of others also, want to be a “noticer” in the lives of other just as Jones was, that I might offer the right “perspective”. Be their new best friend as Jones says, the one who hold others to a higher standard. And that takes living outside of yourself, loving your neighbor as yourself. Caring just as much that your neighbors marriage is working as your own. Caring about that person living under the pier not going anywhere in life just as much as where yours is going.

worshiping girl In a conversation with a friend who is about to get married led to me listing the four things I must see and experience in a girl in order to be wife material for me. These are nonnegotiable traits a girl must have.

1. She must be a passionate worshiper God. She must worship with great passion, with all her heart, words and body. She is the one you will hear signing her own love songs to God. She worships with raised hands, shouting out praises to God with a loud voice, and by dancing before the Lord. She worships prostrate before the Lord, and with jumping with joy. When she worships she sets her heart on entering the throne room, to see God’s face and will not relent tell She enters the throne room and sees God’s face and tells Him she loves Him. She worships to tell God her love for Him from her heart, in her own words she sings praises to God. Being entertained by a performance band on Sunday is not worship to her, Her hunger for a deep face-to-face encounter with Jesus drive her for real worship. Only thirty Minuets of worship is unacceptable to her, She is unsatisfied with anything less than a encounter with God, and when He shows up she does not want to leave His presents. Worshiping only on Sunday is unsatisfactory to her, she must, needs to worship God everyday at home, in the car anywhere and everywhere she is. She loves and hangs out in 24/7 prayer and worship places like International House of Prayer (http://www.ihop.org/ ).

2. She will be a woman of the Word of God. You only have to pick up her bible to know this, it is well used. When you open it you will find every page filled with highlighting, underling and hand written notes. It will be stuffed full of note paper with bible notes on them, the pages will be well worn from use. She is a person who really does read and study the bible daily, she knows the word of God from cover to cover because she has actual read and studied every word of the bible.

3. She is a passionate prayer warrior. She is a woman given to much prayer, she truly prays without ceasing. Her prayer mat in not in a glass case that says “Brake only in case of emergency”. She prayers with great passion, in the power of the Holy Spirit, with great love for God and others. She prays in the Spirit, that is she is under the control, leading and in the power of the Spirit, prays for the perfect will of God. She prays day and night not just in crisis situations. She is one who stand in the gap between the people, nation, world and God’s wrath. She is a Daniel and a watchmen when it come to prayer. Her heart brakes and her knee bends over things that brakes God’s heart, like starving children, children dieing of ADIS and malaria. She laments, weeps and is heart broken over the lost, over orphans and the homeless, she intercedes for the lost, to see them saved, to see the gospel preached.

4. She has a resume similar to mine in service to the Lord. My resume consists of a life time of service to God, and as the Apostle Paul says “I will show you my faith by my works” so her life must also show her faith with a life time of service to God, in ministry. Her life story should be similar to mine.

social media

Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging, Facebook are the main player in the new world of what is known as social media, the way people have chosen to communicate with each other, socialize with others. While everyone is praising these new medias, and I use them my self, I Twitter and Facebook. But I must say I believe it is creating a new generation of people whom never emotionally engage in real relationships with others. Deep heart felt communication is not at the heart of this media.

Because people are limited to 160 character limit, as is Facebook and Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so people are learning to be brief in their communication, to nether be personal or get personal connected with others, they are a someone of whom we have no physical connection at the time. And if your a blogger if you say more than a short paragraph about something you get comments left saying your blog is to long. And not only are people texting more than actual talking to people on their cell phones, the high cost of cell time forces people to keep conversation short and only during off peak times.

My Point being is are these social media venues really scalable activities, are they making us more intimate people. Making us deeply committed to others, making us open expressive people?

Research has proven (as all salesmen and public speakers have known for decades). That true human communication only occures in face to face contact, and there are three major parts in human communication which are body language, voice tonality, and words.

* 55% of impact is determined by body language–postures, gestures, and eye contact,
* 38% by the tone of voice, and
* 7% by the content or the words used in the communication process

So we are limiting our communication down to a only 7% of our know means of being receptive to the other person and being received, understood by the other. We are eliminating to two most important elements in human communication, the other person and ourselves. Our physical presents creates 93% of our communication ability. Our voice, facial expressing, tone of voice, our body motions, hand gestures. Our emotions which control our body and voice can only be expressed though our physical presents, not our words alone, especial in a 140 character or less.

Is this the future of marriage, a text from one room to the other, or short unemotional bits of information across a dinner table. Parenting by text or Facebook. Are we socially going to end up looking like all those SciFi movies that showed future generations with no emotions, no intimacy, where we just rome around like robots exchange only necessary date to complete work. I wounder.

I’ll take the old days of good old face to face long intimate conversations, you know grab a brew with the guys any day. Yes I will continue with my Twittering but longing for that face to face real life connection and long winded conversations.

Here’s a great, little clip about Twitter that makes my point in a funny way. Taming The Twitter Beast

unemploymentSay you just got laid off or fired. Eventual you will face the interview question: What are you doing now?

This blog is about an answer to give that will be better accepted than draw unemployment.

Yes you look for a job, but the truth is you cannot job hunt for eight hours a day seven days a week. Once you read all the job ads, replied to any you are qualified for and are interested, what then.

So spend your days doing something meaningful with your time and that will not only keep up your spirits, give you something of quality to talk about in a job interview but will also have kingdom purpose.

But this is also good for you in your job hunt. Because when you talk about what you have done since you left the last company, you can present it in a positive light by talking about doing what you are doing now.

1. Create a job for yourself. Offer to work for free, do an internship at a company (I did this once at a Video Production Studio). That way you do not have a gap in your resume, resumes do not have show part-time or full-time or show pay or no pay. So volunteering at a company for a few of hours a day or week can ended up looking like a full-time job on your resume. And this can be very helpful to get experience in the field you want to get into, a transitional move on your resume as well.

Two and three is where the kingdom purpose can come in.

2. Work at your church. Do the things you always said you would if you did not have to work. A day or two at your church, in the office, in a ministry there. Churches are always in need to staff help, just ask your pastor is there something I could be doing for a day or two a week.

3. Work at a ministry. Such as a homeless shelter a food bank one day a week or even half a day. Even better start a ministry, that one thing that you have had a burden for, a calling you in your heart. Now may be the time to make it happen, get it going. You will be serving God and the Kingdom as well as again a resume doesn’t show part-time or full-time and it doesn’t show pay or no pay.

4. Start a blog about the industry you are in or want to go into. Blogging is a great way to keep up in your industry and network without looking desperate. Everyone who is unemployed should be blogging as a way to get their next job. They say you should be branding yourself for the job you want in three years. A lot of people even go as fare as to say your blog is the new resume. I just recently stated one on Leadership for this very reason read it here.

5. Go back to school. Take a class or classes in anything. Use the time to grow, better yourself. It does not have to be job related, just getting the most out of your time off, time to do what you have not had the time to do.

7. Teach a class. Volunteer to teach a class on a subject you have expertise on, it will keep your skills alive and refined, and give you something impress to add to your resume. You could check with local colleges, business groups and community centers, even at your church.

8. Start a company. Have you ever thought of going into business for yourself. Do you have a business idea? Your may never have a better opportune time than during unemployment. You have time, and you can try ideas and see what happens.