Children for sale, here in America

Children for sale, here in America

18975033_RoitFor I deliver the afflicted who is crying, And the fatherless who hath no helper. Job 29:12

During my time with YWAM I worked on the streets reaching children living on the streets, the vast majority surviving as prostitutes. The youngest rescued by the ministry was 11, yes a 11 year old girl living on the street selling herself. But the shocking truth that most people cannot believe is this was on the streets of America, not some third world county.

One of the girls I had numerous contact with was Shannon, she was in her mid 20’s, she estimated (she had lost track of her age), her story was a tragedy. At 8 years old her mother took her to a motel to meet a man and let him have sex with her. When he was finished with her, her mother said, now you know how to make a living, your on your own. Her mother dropped her at the corner and ever since then Shanna survived by selling her self. No education, she lacked any basic knowledge or skill, only what she learned on the streets, a thousand ways to have sex. She believed her entire purpose on earth was to let men do with her whatever they wanted to her, that all she knew of life.

Her story was one of the many tragedies I encountered, the real tragedy of her story to me is that not once during her young life did one person notice what was going on. Not one man while she was a child selling herself said this is wrong, and did something to help her. They just gladly used her and went their way. Even Law enforcement never stopped her and question a child being on the streets late at night, night after night. Even Christians passed her by every day and paid no attention to her, did not care enough to stop and ask, why are you here. No one cared.

Then I read stories today like that Rhode Island law allows 16 & 17 year old girls work as strippers, as long as they are off by 11:30 PM on school night. An that their Laws Have No Rules against Minors in the Sex Business, that indoor prostitution is legal, even for minor girls. People think it’s only in other countries that human trafficking happens in. That minor girls are used in prostitution and porn is somewhere else. But it’ not somewhere else it is here in every city in America. But no one really cares enough to stop it, they pass buy children living on the streets everyday, but they are invisible to to the eyes who do not what to see them. They are Human Litter on the streets like broken bottles and discarded newspapers. No body wants to do something, take responsibility and act.

The verse at the top, Job 29:12 is Job confessing to God that he did something about such things, he took action, can you make such a claim before God? Do you even notice what is going on.

Children the things people throw a way.

Read the Rhode Island story here.

See my website Not For Sale

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  • Paul Snustead
    Posted at 09:23h, 25 July

    Great post, hard to believe things like that are going on right here in the US and the people are not outraged enough to do anything about it. Thanks to sharing your story.

    Paul Snustead