Church is Not to Be a Business Model to Make Money With.

Church is Not to Be a Business Model to Make Money With.

51610The Wall Street Journal published a resent article called “Learning From the Good Book For tips on starting a business, entrepreneurs might head to church“. It’s an article interviewing a couple of church planters about how they started their churches. And it goes on to give tips to entrepreneurs on how they can learn from churches how to start a profitable business.

The article explains churches as a business and the members are customer, the source of income. And give marketing practices used by churches to get new “customers” and make money off them.

What a sad testimony of the church in America, church is seen an nothing more than a for profit business venture, the pastor as a entrepreneur running a business. See it no differently than a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

Let’s compare that to what the people said about the church in Acts 2:43, “And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles.” The WSJ article said nothing like that, the reporter was not in “awe” at the many wonders and signs being done by the church. The reporter saw nothing that caused him to give glory to God, found no reason to credit God for what the churches where doing. He saw church as nothing more than a good business plan, not a God event.

From what the article said, God was not necessary to start and make church happen, the pastors where just using a good business model anyone can use for business. Even sadder is the pastors (church planters) gave no credit to God as being instrumental at all in building a church, the Holy Spirit was not a necessary element to make church happen. And Jesus, the head of the church, the one church is to be about was not even mentioned, not the foundation of the church, Jesus was not required to make church happen.

In Scripture the Greek word translated “awe” (phobos) is reserved for special times when people are struck with awe because of something divine or powerful that can’t be explained. That is how the church in Acts was viewed, that is how church should be seen. Divine, powerful beyond human ability to make happen.

No presence and power of God, no Holy Spirit, no Jesus, equals no miraculous, resulting in no awe.

No church should ever been seen by the world as a model for stating a money making business, but rather a place that they stand in awe of and say, their God is God. Say this is a work not by the hands of man but by the power and Spirit of the one and true God. Not something duplicable by anyone. The church ought to be able to instill awe in the community just as the first church did, with the power and presence of God.

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