Closing the Gap Conference

Closing the Gap Conference

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I got to participate in the Closing the Gap Conference today via the webcast, this on the heals of the Exponential conference last Wed – Friday. On the same theme of church planting with missions mixed in with it. Got a lot out of it. God continued His theme with me preaching the gospel, Church planning, missions, going, not excepting the status quo anymore.

God threw gas on the fire and zeal He kindled in me with the Exponential stream of teaching. God is up to something, do not know what yet.

Here are my notes bullets:

  • You may be getting nervous because your status quo isn’t changing the way it needs to change.” Jim Haney.
  • There is a decline in evangelical growth in the world today.
  • 86% of Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus have no relationship with a Christian.
  • At a growth rate of 2.6%, it will take 50 years to double the number of Evangelicals in the world.
  • Missions is more than access. We have access; we need to engage the people we can already access.
  • “Church Planting is not about access (to a church) but about engagement (by the church).”
  • I have access to a health club, a coach, but a coach opens up shop in my neighborhood does not make me Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only by engagement can I get the benefits. Just opening a church, advertising a church means the area is being reached for Christ.
  • We’ve focused on people group adoption and that is why we still have unreached people groups. We need to focus on engagement.
  • Are you satisfied with more than 40% of the world’s people groups being unreached?
  • What kind of churches do we need, the kind in Acts, exciting, where God is.
  • 70% of IMB teams in the last year did not have a single baptism. What caused this and what needs to change?
  • The higher the cost to do the church model, for a church plant the bigger the gap will be
  • Compassion filled believers Col 1:28
  • What is the outcome of all the tools, is it producing true disciples of Christ, followers of Christ or just church attenders.
  • World view creep and materialism are the chief causes of the decline of Christianity.
  • 250,000 new church pastors are need each year just to keep up with population growth.
  • Most Christian never reproduce themselves, reach the lost.
  • Maintain a clear message of Christ, the gospel, universalism is creeping in and destroying the message, ie Rob Bell’s.
  • More consurnend with my own well being, my comfort and live style than living for Christ.
  • Are we content with the shrinking growth rate of Christianity, the dieing church, the status quo
  • Are we willing to wait 50 years for % of evangelicals worldwide to double? (that’s how long it will take at current growth rate)
  • Over 70% of house churches in China are led by women. Praise God – and where are the men?
  • What keep you awake at night about the status quo
  • What stirs you so much you take action

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