Contentment, in Any Situation…Really?

Contentment, in Any Situation…Really?

12-01-03 Why is it the people who preach/write about being content no matter what you life situation is, are married with a house full of children, have successful careers and or ministries?

I got a news letter today from a pastor whom I like and it was on contentment, just a couple of page with a card to send off to the a CD of his message the letter was take from. He states “It’s not a question of poverty or prosperity, or any external circumstance, true contentment endures in spite of our circumstances, it does not rise and fall with every turn of providence.”

I have yet to ever hear someone who was poor and needy, single past their 20’s who wanted to get married, someone out of work for a extended length of time, or in a bad dead end job get up in front of a church and preach on being content where they where. Never heard someone from the ghetto write a book on the joy and contentment they have in their life situation.

I’ve never heard a mother in the ghetto say I’m content my children are starving, have no heat. Never heard someone who desires to love and be loved, have a family say I’m content loveless and a lone and wish to stay this way. But I hear married successful people get in the pulpit and tell them they should be content in their situation all the time.

Those who preach on contentment in any circumstance of life, I have found where never content when if they ever even lacked the very things at all they tell others to live without (some have never lacked anything in life). It was only after they gained everything they wanted, needed in life that they make such statements to others. It’s as if they have forgotten what it was like for them, life before they got all they wanted, maybe it just a case of amnesia, the have forgotten where they came from. It’s funny that they give advice that they would not have accepted when they where, if ever in need. Been unwilling themselves to be content in the very same circumstances they tell others to be content in.

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