Detour Coffee shop: where the coffee is always free

Detour Coffee shop: where the coffee is always free

Detour Coffee Detours Coffee Shop one of Denver’s newest coffee shops is hoping to change their community by the way they do business. How, by giving away their coffee for Free. That’s right a coffee shop with FREE COFFEE. Once their sandwich and other goods became profitable enough to support the business they began to give away the coffee.

“At Detours It is our number one goal to create community and be active in the community we are apart of. We decided that when we began making a profit we would give something back by giving all our coffee away for free. There is a catch however. We ask that in return for never paying for coffee at Detours you would take the resources and do something for someone else. The average American spends over a thousand dollars on coffee a year. What would happen if we all took that money and spent it on others. Come by for a free cup of coffee today, and pay it forward to someone else.”
They say the average coffee drinker spends roughly $1,000 a year on their caffeine fix. If they can have that kind of impact, they believe it’ll make a positive impact. What there starving for is that the people will drink the free coffee and in turn use that money to help others, also do something charitable for others in return. Leading by example is what they are trying to do.

"Hopefully when you walk out the door, this sticks with you and you go above and beyond what you normally do for somebody else," she said. "With the economy, people losing their homes, we want to offer them one shot of energy during the day, one shot of hope."

With so many “churches” doing coffee shops, but charging like Starbuck for coffee, maybe they should take note of how to do it with a gospel intent, not a profit intent. Or what if 100% of the revenue when to something like ending world hunger, to support orphans, buy clothing for poor children in the community. Drink our coffee and save the life of a starving child could be the business model. So many more options to for profit, something to think about.

Visit Detours Coffee Shop if you are in Denver and read about them here.

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