Drafting a Battle Plan

Drafting a Battle Plan

At Mars Hill Church in Seattle, they use a lot of war expressions and metaphor to describe the mission of the church and the way they organize community. The Bible uses all kinds of war metaphor and imagery to describe the spiritual battle that we find ourselves in as believers on a mission (i.e. Ephesians 6), we must understand that we are in a battle against our sin and against the enemy, for the hearts of people that God is calling to himself.

Their latest sermon series, Trial: 8 Witnesses from 1&2 Peter, is a great example of that effort to connect the War we find ourselves in individual and as the church. Mars Hill is handing out a 200+page study guide in book form free-of-charge to every attendee of the church. I have obtained a copy and it is impressive. Here is the link to download:

Trial: Study Guide – This study guide outlines all details for this series of sermons, including Group Resources, Group Discussion Questions, Family Resources, Pastoral Parenting, Family Dinner Bible Study and more.

In the wake of this new series, many pastoral teams from other churches have been asking how to plan and strategize such an endeavor. Thankfully, Mars Hill is continuing to give away helpful information on how it structures its leadership, manages its programs, and generally leads the people God has called to participate in the church. To see how Mars Hill works from Bible book selection to fully themed sermon series, check out the 1&2 Peter Battle Plan.

Drafting a Battle Plan Downlaod.

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