Equally Yoked: Marrying the Right Person

Equally Yoked: Marrying the Right Person

4227708830 8fe594aea2Everyone one likes to quote the verse that says be equally yoked to apply it as to mean only to marry a believer. I believe that it’s covers more than that, I think it goes to the very heart who you are and your life as a follower of Christ. To be equally yoked means you are equal! Not just in your belief in Jesus, but that you are equal in all ways, that you live on the same level of spiritually, on the level of relationship with God. At the same level of service to God.

This is what that means to me, what I have learned from my own life and dating relationships.

1. She loves the word of God: She studies the word daily, I mean studies in depth, not just read a verse or two. I am a lover of Gods word, it is a central pillar in my life, I have studied it diligently from cover topage0 blog entry345 1 cover and know and seek to live by it. So I want a girl who equally loves, studies daily and lives by the word of God. My first clue is simply let me see her bible, it should look like mine, well used, lots of notes, highlights and very worn from all the use. If its clean, pages look new, unless she just bought it, I not interested in her. We are not equal.

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2. She is woman of prayer: She must be a prayer warrior, someone who prayer is central to her life, and day. She is always laying hands on others and praying for them, she takes everything to God first in prayer, seeks God face in everything, start and end her day in prayer, she prays without ceasing. Because she seek to both know God intimately and His will for her in all things, and she prays for the nations, the lost with a great passion and burden for them. She measures prayer time in hours not minutes, a day.

3. She must be A woman of worship: And I mean a daily passionate worshiper/lover of God. She worships in song, dancing, jumping for joy, with shouts of joy, raised hands, and on her face. She can be found many days a week at places of worship like the IHOP prayer room in worship and prayer for hours a week. Like the song says “Better is one day in Your courts, Than thousands elsewhere” she know of no better place to be than before the face of God, loving on Him. She like Moses cry’s out daily “I pray You, show me Your glory!” and she will not stop worshiping tell she see His glory, His face and loves on Him. 20 min at church on Sunday sitting in a pew don’t count to her, she must worship God with great passion, daily.

4. She lives on mission: She see herself as a missionary on mission for 3-31-10Jesus, she is busy living for the spreading the gospel, making disciples, baptizing in all the world. She ready to leave in moments notice to go where ever the Lord would send us. She lives to fulfill Mat 28:19, Mark 16:15 and in Act’s 1:8, to live on mission. Her life is about bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. (read do I live on mission here) She leaves her house everyday on mission.

5. She lives to fulfill Matt 25, Isa 1:17, Isaiah & 58:7: She has a heart for the poor and needy, the orphan and widow. To bring justice to the oppressed and to free the prisons. To heal the sick, feed the hungry and cloth the naked. She cares about social justice for the oppressed. She finds ways daily to fulfill those scriptures.

6. She knows and operates in her spiritual gifts: What ever they are, she is using them for the good of the body of Christ, she lives operating in her gifts daily. Uses them to fulfill her calling in Christ. She using them for the spreading of the gospel to the world. I am speaking of the gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, Ephesians 4:7-13 and Romans 12:3-8.

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In summery she must be a true lover of God, a true, passionate worshiper who worships in Spirit, who prays with out ceasing and loves the word of God. Because she is madly in love with Jesus, and God the Father.

I do not believe there is a more beautiful woman than one who is worshiping/loving on God, praying to God, and serving God than like the woman in the photos in this post.

And yes there are such women, I know because I have dated women like this and every week I am surrounded by hundreds of them at the IHOP prayer room. To marry a women who was not like this would be to marry the wrong person, to be unequally yoked for me.

*IHOP is International House of Prayer

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  • Bill D
    Posted at 07:22h, 01 April

    This is awesome stuff Dennis, never really thought about being equally yoked to that extent. I say I want a Christian girl but really never thought of what that means. To define what that looks like in living out life with Christ like you said in regards to worship and prayer life, love for Gods word.

  • Thomas
    Posted at 08:37h, 01 April

    Love what you said, of course all that really hinges on that the guy is living like that, and that is really the kind of wife he wants. I think you hit it on the head, take care in who you marry, why you pick who you marry. And if you want to truly live for Jesus the way you do, describe yourself, you are right you must chose someone who will be your “help mate” in living that way before God.

  • Rick
    Posted at 09:00h, 01 April

    Great post Dennis, giving me a lot to think about, not only in choosing a mate, but how I live my own life.

  • Mike
    Posted at 09:13h, 01 April

    I can honestly say there are no girls who worship like that at my church, or love the word of God like that, who match anything you listed. I think I need to move where you are so I can go to IHOP and find a girl who is like the one you described.

  • Brandon
    Posted at 09:28h, 01 April

    Love what you said, really had made me think, but I would have to say I have never even envisioned living that way myself let alone thought of picking a wife who is like that.