Exponential 2010 Church Planting Conference

Exponential 2010 Church Planting Conference

42110Attended the Exponential 2010 Church Planting Conference via the Webcast of it from Orlando FL, heard a lot of good things from some great pastors I follow like Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Charles Lee, Ed Stetzer .

Efrem Smith brought down the house, he was amazing, first time I heard him speak, will not be the last time.

Thought I’d post my notes from the speakers.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from today that I tweeted out to my followers:


  • “No matter how small your church is you’re not too small to be a vehicle of compassion, mercy and justice to ur community.”
  • You must risk failure to become a stake holder in the outcome. Alan Hirsch
  • “Go be a Star Trek church planter….. go where no man has gone before” Efrem Smith
  • You can’t love Jesus and ignore or marginalize his Bride. @edstetzer
  • People don’t need to know more to be obedient – they need to be obedient to know more. – @Neil_Cole
  • We need a Kingdom-shaped view of the church, not a church-shaped view of the Kingdom ~ Reggie McNeal
  • Prayer is rebellion against the status quo. “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,”
  • Church marketing is a poor substitute for mission/ the Holy Spirit
  • Plant THE church, not A church. THE church is NOT a destination. Reggie McNeal #exponential
  • We need to be about Kingdom multiplication
  • “movements” just another self center church
  • Untamed – we’ve domesticated our discipleship and our idea of God. @alanhirsch
  • “Jesus didn’t say that God so loved the world that he sent his church.” –@neil_cole
  • “We should stop planting churches. We should plant Jesus” ~ @Neil_Cole
  • Plant mustard seeds, not movements with one-size fits all packaging @davegibbons
  • “Jesus is the Savior, not the church.” –@Neil_Cole
  • Hold fast to Biblical worldview vs. the individualistic American worldview– otherwise the SALT will lose its savor!
  • “We’re told to love our enemies, but if we can’t even love our brothers how can we love our enemies?” –@neil_cole
  • We are not called to safety we are called to follow Jesus, being safe isn’t where Christians need to be.
  • Polls are a huge mistake. Moses would have made a huge mistake if he would have taken a poll. @scotthodge
  • Ultimate scorecard for the church – How are we doing at blessing the world? – Reggie McNea
  • “we have separated compassion, mercy & justice… But God hasn’t.” ~ @efremsmith
  • “churches 2 often are holy merry-go-rounds, lights.bells.whistles.attraction, but just goes round in circles”
  • “church isn’t an ‘it’ or a ‘what’. Church is a “WHO” ~ Reggie McNeal
  • “Christ first, then His mission. My calling & job is not to be better than Jesus.” ~ Matt Chandler
  • “don’t just teach about Jesus… Teach them to OBEY God’s commandments.” ~ Matt Chandler
  • Be a part of REAL community, not just FB & twitter. If you only eat virtual food, you’re gonna die. ~ Shane Claiborne
  • Churches that don’t multiply become a cul-de-sac on the Great Commission highway. #exponential
  • To what degree are the people leading the church modeling what they’re asking followers to do? @alanhirsch
  • “We (pastors) have trained people to NOT hear Jesus’ voice without hearing ours.” @Neil_Cole
  • Want a strategy for your church? Walk in your city and pray, “God, break my heart for what breaks Yours.” – @davegibbons
  • Does the fact that we separate “ministry” and “mission” part of the problem?
  • “Missional Church: The people of God partnering with Him in His redemptive mission in the world.” Reggie McNeil

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