Exponential Conference 2011 Notes – Attractional & Missional

Exponential Conference 2011 Notes – Attractional & Missional

Matt Carter is the Lead Pastor at Austin Stone Community Church, notes from the Exponential Conference 2011.

Ephesians 4
* Why have we been given Spiritual gifts for the equipping of the saints.
* We are to equip the people of God to do the work of God.
* If a pastor is not equipping the people he is not doing his job.
* The body will be healthy when each part is working properly.
* Matt (as well as myself) have been wrestling with the current American attractional model of church.
* The current attractional model of church is incomplete. It is not the answer to turning the tide of churchlessness in America.
* “Transformation” by Bob Roberts. “If we started a thousand mega-churches in the next ten years could we reach this nation for Christ?” No. Because that is what we did in the last ten years.
* This is not working at penetrating the lost of this country.
* I was pleased to hear him say there is a growing sense of restlessness in the laity of the American church. I for one am one of the restless.
* My parents went to church every Sunday. Served once a month. Read their Bibles a couple times/month.
* My parents perspective was that there were people that “did ministry” at the church.

* This generation growing up in the church today is not wired like my parents generation. If they’re Christians, they’re not okay with sitting on the sidelines of the church.
* They desire to be challenged. They are hardwired to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
* The reason this generation is hemorrhaging from the church is because they’re not cool with sitting on the sidelines and watching people be professional Christians.
* For generations the model has been “come to us”, and we’ll meet your needs.
* The problem is that for too many people in church, that is where it has stopped.
* Why is the Christianity that I see in Acts so different from the Christianity in my church?
* People are wandering, “When do I get to be used by God?”
* We have to figure this out. We have to figure out how to empower people.
* What if we called 3,000 people to leave our church?
* What we trained, equipped, and released people that are already coming into our church?
* What was Jesus’ ministry model?
* Was it, I’m going to preach well, and start some programs?
* At the height of Jesus’ popularity he looked at the people and said “Unless you eat my flesh, and drink my blood, you can have no part of me.”
* He poured into people’s lives, trained them, equipped them, and then let go of them.
* He empowered them.

* What if?
* We challenged, trained, and equipped our small groups leaders, who then did the same with the small groups.
* What if we equipped and released them with the purpose of living missionally?
* We changed the definition of success for our small group ministry
* Are you moving beyond gathering people together? Choosing and finding a pocket of lostness, and engaging that need for the glory of God with the Gospel.
* There is no greater way for people to find community than to be on mission together.
* When we aim for mission, we got both mission and community.

* Train your small group leaders like you would train a missionary
* Can’t train them like a Bible study leader
* Train them to be able to feed themselves
* If the primary source of what they’re learning from the Lord is coming from another source then it is a problem.
* Train them theologically, and misisonally.
* We want them to be so well trained that if God calls them to leave and be their own church, then they can do that.

* We raised the bar for what our missional community is engaged in
* The sky is the limit.
* Your people are capable of more than you have ever dreamed they are capable of.
* The people God brings us that are Christians, have the power of the resurrection inside them.
* The power that raised Jesus from the grave is passing out your bulletins.
* If you never challenge the people in your church and never released him, and given him permission, then there is a good chance that they will spend the rest of their life listening to preaching, and singing, and dies and go straight to heaven, never knowing the thrill of what it feels like to get in the fight. To know the thrill of what it is like to be chosen by God to be used for the glory of His name.

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