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Exponential Conference 2011 Notes – Multiplication

Exponential Conference 2011 Notes – Multiplication

Notes from Neil Cole, the founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates, notes from his teaching at the  Exponential Conference 2011.

He states he finally found the secret of church multiplication. That it was right under his nose. The secret to multiplication is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Christ in each of us, is the power.

It isn’t a strategy, it is Christ in each of us.

Don’t plant churches, plant Jesus

church doesn’t really change lives. Jesus changes lives. We need to put our faith in that, instead of our organization, and institution.

Connect everyone to Christ, make everyone disciples.

Addition and multiplication are two very different things.

The seduction of addition early on.

We have to shift from an addition strategy to a multiplication strategy.

Release ordinary people from the start.

It isn’t a church problem, it is a discipleship problem.

All people are ordained for ministry.

Stop having leadership dependency issues.

Get out of the way.

All of these are a result of misplaced faith.

Movement grows from micro to macro

If you multiply the simple enough times it will affect the global

Dependency is killing us. Matthew 10:24-25.

We need to have faith in Christ, what He did on the cross, what He did after the cross.

Leaders, don’t tell them the answers, tell them how to find the answers.

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