Exponential Conference in Orlando FL

Exponential Conference in Orlando FL


I got to partake in, that is eavesdrop in on the Exponential Conference in Orlando FL via the web on Thursday. It was great. It was gasoline on the fire of my sole. The conference was for church planters, one of my great passions. So may of the things said stir my heart and soul. God ignited many emotions and zeal in my heart for church planting. I was so over taken by the Spirit on Thursday, I felt the presence and power of the Spirit on me and in me. Woke up with the Spirit still on me in a powerful way on this morning (Friday). Here are some notes from the conference, key points that caught my attention. His is how I felt on Thursday “My heads about to explode, I’m anxious, my hearts on fire, full of zeal from what’s going on at exponential Just had my world rocked” There will be a part two to this from the Friday session.

“Church is a who not a what, is deployed not gathered, is a verb not a noun. Reggie McNeal ”

“The secret to church multiplication, is Christ in you, not strategy”

“The Church is not the destination, the Kingdom is. ‘Thy Kingdom come…'” -Reggie McNeal

“What if we could see the church not as a place but a movement attacking the gates of hell?

“Planting churches doesn’t start a movement. As we ARE the church, it will expand.

“if we can define church without Jesus then we can do church without him” – Neal Cole

a great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission makes a great church

Jesus never says, “O ye of little strategy…”

Be kingdom-centric, not church-centric. –Reggie McNeal

Don’t plant churches. Open peoples eyes to God and watch church emerge

Want to preach like Jesus? Then people should try to kill you by the time you’re done teaching.” – Michael Frost

“If we just wanted to plant a service, we could do that, but the city would stay exactly the same.

Are you trying to gather a crowd or make disciples? Cally Parkinson

“To whom have you been sent?” and “How do you foster a foretaste of the Kingdom there?”

Trevor Hudson says that the spiritual gift most needed in the church is NOT the gift of tongues but the gift of ears

You don’t need to find a mission. God already has one and wants you to join Him in it. @edstetzer

God has a mission and He has invited us to join Him on that mission. via @edstetzer

The ongoing sending = momentum of mission. We join it already in progress. @edstetzer

If you talk more about your new church than the old cross you’re not preaching the gospel.

The power that raised Jesus from the dead is passing out your bulletins. passing out bulletins, changing dypers is not ministry.

The POWER OF RESURRECTION is in your church’s people…and they’re passing out your church bulletins!

Take the church to the people! Not the people to the church!!!

Christians who never intend to be disciple makers, make no sense. ~ Francis Chan

“Gods people are equipped to do so much more than most pastors ever realize.”

“missional” participating in God’s mission in the world

it seems to me that the growth of the church in the NT ALWAYS includes PREACHING. How can we even think about removing it?

Churches dont change lives. Jesus changes lives

“there is a power within each of us to start a movement

“The grass is greener where you water it.”

We need to see mission experiences become a missional lifestyle – no more ‘one-off’ missional events

Three lenses, when put together cause clarity. Church Growth, Incarnational Mission, Multiplication

The church is a flood of Savior-transformed revolutionaries, pouring out into a dark and broken world.

Ministry doesn’t equal volunteerism a few hours a week, it’s a lifestyle that touches every corner of life and community.

“Missions” is a man-made category that more often keeps us from a lifestyle of Mission rather than push twd it

Jesus didn’t give us missions, He gave us a mission. Make the Gospel real in your life

Are you a dangerous church/disciple that is pushing back darkness in your world?

ministry dsn’t equal volunteerism it starts in your free time w/ neighborhoods workplaces & every domain of society

Every follower of Jesus is a church planter.

When proclaiming a living, incarnational Gospel, you will offend both the conservative and liberal establishments..

If you try to control or centralize something, you will eventually kill it

Ministry is the people of God answering the prayers of the lost.

Don’t play it safe and don’t change the truth to connect. You are community on mission!

Church isn’t a mission in community BUT a community on mission

“Always filter your vision through Scripture.”

Most church planters begin with ecclesiology and not where we need to begin: Christology.

If someing truly matters to our spiritual bottom line, then we will do everything we can to make that happen.

How do you know if you are pastoring a missional church? If your church is full of people living on mission.

Our scorecard is not how big, or full, our box is BUT how much better life is for the city/people we live among.

“Nostalgia will get us nowhere. We must plant GOSPEL stories of how Yahweh became one of us to set us free.”

“I don’t want anymore sanitized child-oriented stories about Jesus”

How is your story intersecting with God’s story today?

Don’t get caught up in the details, run by the Spirit.

Living incarnationally. “Why not your city? Why not your church? Why not YOU.”

If we don’t sense strong spiritual warfare does it mean be have been on the sidelines too long?

What if people in your church found the worst part of your town and moved there?

If you don’t create disciples, you’ll create consumers.

The moment you are not willing to be lonely or misunderstood, you have nothing to say. Francis Chan

God almighty lives inside of you and you look like everyone else? ~Francis Chan

Why would you lose everything for something you don’t believe. Francis Chan

Being missional is like getting married, being incarnational is like making love – Michael Frost

Every year we should ask 2 questions: Who are we called to reach? How do we radically reorient our lives to reach them?

To many church planters who are aren’t prepared to love the city (suburb) in which they live. -Michael Frost

we will all face a time when God could have done something, but He chose not to. how will you respond?

Pursue your neighbors as Christ pursued you.

Again exactly what we NEED to hear–missional isn’t enough. Must be Incarnational!

Are we more focused on our current circumstances or true identity of who God is? pete wilson

Listen to people. They are telling you how to evangelize them. -michael frost

“Loyal intimate presence is one of the most powerful faces of the Gospel.” – Michael Frost

Scholars produce scholars. Pastors produce pastors. Only planters can produce planters. – Rick Warren

Release the church to be the church where it already is. Reggie McNeal

Everywhere I AM, the church IS. Reggie McNeal

Church grows out of a movement not the other way around. – Reggie McNeal

We weren’t taught to pray thy church come because were not the destination

Being the people of God means being a people of blessing. @reggiemcnea

In the book of Revelations there is no church in the city … because God is with His people.

We build churches instead of missional communities, because in the latter, we don’t know how to collect offering.

Step 1 in an apprentice model 1. I do. You watch. We talk. jon ferguson)

Jesus is not obligated to bless the church done OUR way; He’s obligated to bless His church.” Jim Putman

So much of our worship and crying out to God is not about Him but about what we think He may give us. #PeteWilson

How to connect w/ neighbor? “If you listen to me, care for me, are loyal to me, I will want to know who you are.

if you’re planting a church & you talk more about your new church than the old cross you’re not planting the gospel.-Ed Stetzer

The Gospel is not ‘you do’, it’s ‘Jesus did!’

the entryway of the Kingdom of God is the Gospel of Christ – the advance on the gates of hell!

The church is not the means of salvation, but the messenger of salvation” @edstetzer

God’s people really are equipped to carry the gospel, what they need it to be empowered. – Darrin Patrick

Jesus didn’t say, ‘O ye of little strategy, if only you had more resources.’ The issue for the church is faith.

We are in a relay race. The runner out front doesn’t slow down to hand off the baton– Beeson

“what was Jesus’ ministry model?” great question

Who was Jesus’ church – how did he change the world?

“What if, instead of trying to get 3,000 more people to come TO our church, we sent out 3,000 FROM our church?

When we aimed for community, we got neither community nor mission, but when you aim for mission, you get mission and community

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