Exponential Conference Part 2

Exponential Conference Part 2


Here are some more highlight from the Exponential Conference 2011 the last day, I will be also post some more complete notes from the workshop, and more about what God is doing in me through what I picked up from this conference. This is more bullet points, one liners that grabbed the heart of the message, and me, being taught.

Friday 4-29-11

God has a mission for you, the question is will you accept it?

“it’s not just about believing the gospel, it’s about you applying the gospel to your life”

Discipleship needs to be at the heart of all we do – Jo Saxton

If you make disciples, you always get the church. If you build a church you will rarely get disciples

Discipleship was Jesus’ strategy to change the world

We need to make disciples who make disciples

As a leader is my life worth imitating? Does my life overflow with the gospel?

If discipleship is about imitation, does anyone want your life? – Jo Saxton

effective discipleship always leads to mission, always builds the church. Jo Saxton

Paul never moves on from the gospel. it’s not a door he uses to get to the good stuff. It is the whole point.

The church in America can not be a missional people as long as it continues to depend upon the pastor/teacher paradigm.

God’s plan for glory is always thru the cross, not thru your showing off. rick warren

Paul was untouchable, in persecution, jail, beatings etc…because everything he did was about the Gospel Matt Chandler

Ephesians 4 as an interpretive center for how we understand ministry.-A. Hirsch

Scholars produce scholars. If you want to produce church planters, use church planters, not seminaries.

Rick Warren and his wife tithe 91% of all their income and live off of 9%! that’s an example of generosity to follow!

Ephesians 4:7-11 describes the five-fold ministry that is required for healthy body of Christ to live out its mission

The Gospel saves us, sustains us, and perseveres us to the end. Matt Chandler

I Cor 15:1 – the Gospel saved, saves, and will save us. You can’t move beyond the Gospel. – Chandler

Ephesians is the constitutional document of the church, with no amendments. Hirsch

The church needs to: pray, fast, & be prepared for people to challenge you

If you don’t get the gospel to the point where you apply it to your life … you suck

I’m not leading when I seek consensus instead of sharing vision. dave ferguson

The church in Acts didn’t want to build bridges to community; wanted to BE the community.

“You’d best tie morality to the Gospel or you will doom people to fake like they are ok when they are not.”–Matt Chandler.

I’m not leading when I spend to much talking about how things should be different but there’s no action. dave ferguson

One of the telltale signs of if you get the gospel is what you do when you mess up. Matt Chandler

We fight the flesh with the weapons of grace: blood of Christ, Word of God, & promises of the covenant. Matt Chandler

Only 3% of urban church plants are reaching the poor Matt Chandler

When you start treating symptoms instead of disease itself, you’re dead. The Gospel attacks the heart – Chandler

When you understand the gospel, you understand that 9 times out of 10 your symptoms come from idolatrous heart. Matt Chandler

growing churches require growing pastors ~ Rick Warren

Pastors, if our identity is found in our position we will sabotage our position. Our identity is securely positioned in Jesus.

Wordly sorrow leads to death. Godly sorry leads to repentance. Matt Chandler

When you start treating symptoms instead of disease itself, you’re dead. The Gospel attacks the heart – Chandler

Your heroes tell you a lot about your values. – Alan Hirsch

don’t fight sin, get to know Jesus!

“What stirs your affections for Jesus Christ?” – Matt Chandler

Why must we categorize sin to big and little? we need to destroy all sin in our lives!

If you’re not violent towards sin, big or small, you have a lion on a chain thinking you are ok

Can a group of ordinary people really make an impact in city, neighborhood ? With the resurrected power of Jesus in us, Yes

“what is your plan for discipleship? Does your plan work?”

Discipleship must move beyond information. Must be in the context of relationship, community, “imitation”. -Jo Saxton

Only in community (family) do we discover what it means to a child of God. -Jo Saxton

Does anyone want your life? (oh, good question!) If so why, is it because you imate Jesus, His mission? -Jo Saxton

What did God say to you this week? Who can you not go to sleep over (burdened)? -Jo Saxton

What did God say to you this week? What passion did He put in your heart?

“Make disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples.”

Discipleship with long term vision is how our citys transform into citys of Christ Followers.

“Who can’t we go to sleep at night because they are lost with Christ”

NFORMATION needs action, IMITATION leads to INNOVATION. @josaxton

Build your life on integrity humility and generosity…these are the antidotes to the 3 greatest traps of leadership. rick warren

God does not bless programs, strategies or systems. God blesses men and women. rick warren

Do you know how many ppl died for the bible you carry & we throw it in the back of the car & forget it’s there

Paul is one the most free men we know. You could not shake him. -Matt Chandler

“Paul contends for the truth AND contextualizes it.” Matt Chandler

Paul is the most non-seeker friendly guy the church has ever seen. Matt Chandler

Only in community (family) do we discover what it means to be a child of God. -Jo Saxton

Comfort, money is not a bad thing, unless it owns you. -Matt Chandler

Some of you are being held back from what God has for you but not by morally sinful things.

It’s not ALL NEW… It’s just OUR turn. Matt Chandler

Size does not equate to faithfulness. Do not measure success how others Christians measure it.

We have to be careful to equate size with success. Matt Chandler

A good word of advice from @mattchandler74

A lot of criticism is birthed out of the idea that we all have “clean” ministry. The truth is we are all a mess

Are you godly? How is your home? Are you in the Word? Not merely about your gifts. -Matt Chandler

Is this thing robbing me from all I can be in Christ? – Chandler

Heb 12, what are the hindrances in our lives to living the gospel? Not always sin, but hindrances nonetheless.

God love for me is not rooted in the size of my church or ministry, its in the love of Jesus for me. It in the gospel

Soemtimes we are wounded deeply to protect us from ourselves. -Matt Chandler

Are we just playing the game? Secret sins? Do we know the power of the Holy Spirit? -Matt Chandler

Your highest and lowest moments were ordained by God

Am I running the race marked out for ME or am I running someone elses race?

The highest highs and lowest lows are intended to be used by God for our good and God’s glory.

The Glory of God is that He does not use you in your awesomeness.”

Are you gonna make a lot of mistakes? The cross says you are gonna make mistakes. HE knows, loves you.

You have been set free to pursue Him. Look to the cross for your confidence.

We have to be tied into the gospel to make it in this life. We must be driven to the cross of Jesus Christ.

God is not in love with the future you. He loves you now. Matt Chandler

God will allow you to be wounded deeply to protect you from yourself & God allows hard times to perfect your faith. Matt Chandler

The more you understand the cross, the more you understand that God isn’t in love with the future you.

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