Faith needed for the Holy spirit to plant a church.

Faith needed for the Holy spirit to plant a church.

The key to the only tool you need to plant a church, the Holy Spirit as I explained in yesterday post is found in Act 11:24  For he was a good man and full of the Holy Spirit and faith. And many people were added to the Lord. It says full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and many where added.

Faith is the key to the Holy Spirit, what is the faith spoken of here? It is Faith that Jesus will give you the Spirit as He promised He would. That the Spirit will empower, equip and lead us, will enable us to be an witness to the world. Give us the words to day, the gifting to do the job, that Jesus will build His church as He said He will.

I believe that is why we have so many conferences and books on church planting, because we have to many people who ether do not have the faith to trust and reality on the Holy Spirit or to many who are not filled with and walking in the spirit. And are doing works of the flesh trying to reproduce the work of the Spirit and plant, start church on their own fleshly power. So they need a fleshly plan, way to make it happen.

I propose that the only real "how to church planting" conferences that should be going on, is prayer meetings, on your face worship, seeking God and wait to hear His voice meetings. Not let me tell you about our man conceived plans and ways to make it happen conferences.

When I was in YWAM, everyone had to do a DTS (Discipleship Training School) a 5 month boot camp if you will, that is focused mainly on finding your unique individual gifts and calling in God. To learn to hear God’s voice and follow His will for your life, a time that you inquire of God as to which of the 800 bases in more than 100 countries in the world are you to go to, His will for you, not your own. And which of the over 3500 ministry opportunities are you to do. They do not tell you where, what and how, but rather lead you into the presents of God, and help you learn to listen to for Gods voice, to hear Him and seek His face. They leave the where, what and how up to God, the Holy Spirit to answer. And that’s the way it should be for every follower of Christ, missionaries, pastors and even for “church planters”.

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