Free Places to Have Church. No Money Need. Want to Start a Church, Take Note.

Free Places to Have Church. No Money Need. Want to Start a Church, Take Note.

house church meeting No money need. Money is not a requrement to have church, ever.

All the free places I have had a gathering of the church at, and that you can find on any given day for free to use. There are so many free places that you can get to meet at, money should never be an excuse for not gathering.



My house, I can have 30 people with ease in one room (my house church)
The basement of a house
The backyard of a house
A vacant house
Apartment recreation center
Housing development recreation center
On the beach (In Cal weather is hardly ever an issue)
In a park (In many states, weather is hardly ever an issue like Ca, Az, Nv, Nm, Hi, Tx)
A night club / bar (it was closed during the day)
Restaurant banquet room
Hotel banquet room
Vacant retail space (know of someone who used a 35k sq ft building for 3 years tell it sold, yes for free)
Vacant office space
Playhouse (theater)
A Christian High school football stadium

church on the beach











You can have Church on the beach, always for free!

church in a park











Church in a park, no cost at all.

  • Steve
    Posted at 16:09h, 15 April

    Hi. Really enjoyed ‘Free places to have a church’. I noticed you said you can get 30 people in your living room. I live in London, UK, and haven’t much money,and I am praying about starting a church in my home. I can only get about 10 people in my living room-does the size of your living room matter when it comes to planting a church? Would really appreciate feed back on this