George Mueller’s advice to strengthen Faith

George Mueller’s advice to strengthen Faith

George Mueller is one of my hero’s of the faith, a man I admired since I first read his story. George Mueller was a man of faith. George Mueller was a prayer warrior. His ministry was blessed because he trusted God completely. He was a man who lived total on faith that God would provide, would keep His word. So he lived in total dependence on God. If you have never read his life story and diaries, do yourself a favor and do so.

His Christian advice and rules to strengthen faith were simple:

1. Read the Bible and meditate upon it. God has become known to us through prayer and meditation upon His Word. Near the end of his life he admitted to reading the entire Bible about 200 times; 100 times on his knees. He found God’s promises, believed them, and acted accordingly.

2. Seek to maintain an upright heart and a good conscience.

3. If we desire our faith to be strengthened, we should not shrink from opportunities where our faith may be tried, and therefore, through trial, be strengthened.

4. Give God time to work.

4. Master the lesson of outlooks: living by the heavenly uplook rather than the earthly outlook.

Mueller believed that nothing was too insignificant to take to the Lord in prayer. He believed the scriptures to be literal.

The result was Mueller never found the throne vacant nor the supplies exhausted. He asked, knowing that God was able.

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