Girls are sold into marriage at age 10 to 12

Girls are sold into marriage at age 10 to 12

child bride Still today in countries like Afghanistan, as in many Asian and African cultures, men pay the family of their wives-to-be. And with 6,000 kids in Africa becoming orphans through HIV/AIDS every day, there is a steady supply of young girls to be had, bought. Factor in many parents in poor nation sell there daughters to repay debts, or just for money to live on.

About 57 per cent of girls are married before the legal age of 16, according to statistics from the women’s ministry and women’s groups. Between 60 and 80 per cent of all marriages are believed to be ‘forced’

Take the story of:

Shabana, A pretty Afghan teenager was 12 years old when she was forced to marry a man 38 years her senior to settle her father’s 600-dollar gambling debt. Two years later, she is unhappy and angry. She doesn’t like her husband, 52-year-old farmer Mohammad Asef.

Sabina who was rescued when she was nine.

Christine was rescued at age 11.

Kids Alive International is rescuing girls for the appalling situation through their Children’s Homes, Care Centers and Schools, they provide the love and care that every child deserves and have the unique privilege of introducing them to Jesus.

Visit their site, join in their fight Kids Alive International

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