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I had two dreams this weekend

I had two dreams this weekend

I had two dreams this weekend that I wish, pray are prophecies.

On Friday night I dreamed that a girl, that I have no idea who she was and I got together under a wired circumstance. And she was a FBI agent, and due to the strange circumstance we got together I ended up with three million dollars. And her and I ended up in India, first we where feed the hungry, using the money to feed starving people.

Then we, using her skills as an FBI agent we raided brothel and where rescuing girls, children from human trafficking.

Woke up wishing it was true being these are 3 things I want to do, go over sea’s, feed the hungry and rescue girls out of human trafficking. Should say four things, the girl too, a wife, and ministry partner.

Then on Saturday night I dreamed that I was someone where and a buddy of mine from an old church plant and I meet up somewhere. And he was going to Israel and said he had a ticket from me to go with him, and so we went.

Something else I want to do, go to Israel, for many reasons, to see and preach the gospel.

I so much want both of those dream, no exactly as the first one was, it had a strange beginning, but the second half of it, yes, they really are dreams of mine.

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