Idea Session, Community, how do we get it in church.

Idea Session, Community, how do we get it in church.

In a Idea Session (The Idea Camp ) the question was asked “How can the church
get focused on real relationship? How do we build bridges between the
pulpit?” That is how do we get community in our churches. What I contributed can be summed up in four lines, statements.

1. Community is not something we add to church, community is what church is, church comes out of community.

2. If community did not happen, church did not happen.

3. We have made church a spectator sport in America, we have trained People to come as consumer’s, as if they are going to Vegas to see a show, to come and have church put on for them, then go home. People do Not come to be part of making church happen, to be a community, because that is Not how church is done here in America for the the majority of churches. When church is done in a impersonal way how can we expect the people to be personal about church.

4. It would help if the Pastor would step out from the pulpit and do life with the people, do community with them. Not just show up like Elvis, do a show and leave the building, they must lead people into community by doing community. They must be like Jesus breaking bread and washing feet of their flock, living in community with them. Community will be encouraged to happen when pastors begin to have community with their people, lead the people into it. When he makes church something personal, about community so will others.

  • Darryl Buckle
    Posted at 10:38h, 09 February

    i think small churches stumble upon community easier than large churches. When you see the same people every week, when you drink coffee with the same people every week, see the same people nodding off during the pastor’s message every week, etc etc.

    Not all small churches do it intentionally but if they do, it’s easier.